Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Early morning and it is chucking it down with rain - and I mean chucking!  I got caught out when I went to the shed to get today's supplies from the freezer.  Half way there and I realised that slippers and hair were taking a pounding but by that time I was committed and, as it's about, ooooh, 8 metres to back door to shed, I didn't go back for added protection.  The slippers have now dried out as has the hair.

Hope it clears before playtime.

Yesterday was an unsettling day.  Neither the children or I like changes to the timetable all that much and violins on a Monday is just plain WRONG!  Still, we survived, didn't we?  By the evening I was zonked and ended up in bed, fast asleep, before eight.

Today is, I think, normal - as normal as it gets in school, I mean.  Normal English, normal maths, normal phonics and normal swimming.  Normal meeting after school (a catch up from parents' evening) and so on.  It's just as well because the rest of the week is far from normal so I'm hoping today will ground us all.

As I prepared my school lunch and salad for dinner just now I was thinking about Breadline and why I was doing it.  I shall have to ponder that properly when I have more time - knowing why always helps if or when it gets tough.  As I was getting all philosophical I noticed that the stick of celery in the fridge was getting somewhat manky so, with Breadline thoughts in my mind I sorted out the inside from the remaining outside, the inside bits are back in the fridge and the outside bits have been 'peeled' (the strings removed), chopped, bagged and frozen (rain easing, slippers changed for shoes) with an estimated price on the bag.  That'll do nicely in casseroles, etc, when Beth and I start in a fortnight's time.

And now I must make breakfast!  And more coffee.  Have a good day and stay as dry as you can.


joanygee said...

Any changes to routine can be unsettling, especially in school. Hope the rest of the week goes well. Jx

Diane said...

I was pleased with four meals from a £1 bag of mushrooms. Yes there were a few added extras but it was still very economical.

Joy said...

That was fantastic value, Diane. I was envious when I read about it! Today was good, Joan, so fingers crossed.
J x