Monday, 9 March 2015

Breadline challenge

Three weeks to go before it starts but I am well into planning now.  I'm dreadful like that: the planning is sometimes as much fun as the doing!

I've started recording the things that I will be buying in 'bulk' and using for the whole month.  What I've got so far is:
1 litre  veg oil
1 packet of butter (cut into four, one for each week and now in the freezer)
jam and marmalade - home made so hard to price but I am saying 60p which seems about right as they are fairly small jars
four pints of skimmed milk, shared into four, one for the first week and three in the freezer
550g Cathedral cheddar, finely grated and in the freezer (it was on special at Morrisons so I got it)
Kenco Millicano decaffeinated coffee (my 'nice' coffee), refill pack, on offer

I've also priced out a couple of my regular recipes, porridge and bread
The porridge will cost either 4p or 10p, depending on whether I use pineapple pieces or a spoonful of jam (the jam and the milk are already 'paid for')
Using my usual bread recipe, one little 1lb loaf will cost around 17p.

That's it so far although I do have a stash of tins, etc, in a box in the garage!

I will have to start planning main meals soon, using what I already have in the freezer, of course.

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