Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Definitely three cheers today for three more days to go!

We got those puppets finished yesterday afternoon.  They look - er - interesting!  The children had a fantastic time and it will be a shame to spoil their fun by insisting on an evaluation, but that's the Curriculum for you.  I'll squash that in tomorrow, somehow.

It's all a bit frantic with having to fit a lot of stuff into just five weeks so that we are up to date when the SATs are held.  We're doing an awful lot of English this week and maths is taking a battering!  However, today is Wednesday and because of Reading Revelry, violins, family assembly and PPA, there's not an awful lot of time for 'teaching'.  All good stuff though.

Yesterday's concert was brilliant.  It's great to showcase the talents of our children and, my goodness, there is such a lot of talent there.  It was mostly juniors, of course, with a few from my class and one tiny little lass from Foundation Stage who has such a sweet and true voice I can see her doing great things in the future.  She stole all our hearts.

It's a jolly chilly morning with a frost but the sun is up and the sky looks as if it will be clear,  Lovely.  I will appreciate the sun as it's going to be a very long day today.  After school it's staff meeting and then I will stay at school because at 6:30 it is governors meeting and I'm now the staff rep for a short time.  No peace for the wicked.

That being so, my lunch bag is laden.  Baked beans (half a tin), a slice of bread to toast in the staffroom and a wee pot of butter for lunch and then a keema curry for the time between staff meeting and governors meeting.  Also a muffin and an apple, time of consumption to be decided.
As the bread, the curry and the muffin are all home made, it's a good, frugal day's eating, taken all in.  I've just remembered it is a week until Beth and I start Breadline and I feel in a way there are going to be very few changes needed.  For me, 'breadline' is not a great title.  I don't buy expensive Costa (or other) coffee, I don't eat out except on rare occasions, I've stopped the takeaways except very occasionally and I eat very little 'junk'-type ready meals.  I'll do the month and see how it goes though - I could be very wrong!

On a brighter note, I concocted a salad dressing yesterday and have posted it on the other blog.  It's tasty!

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