Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Good morning, all.  It looks like another fine day here today.  Yesterday was mostly lovely with some humidity building up in the afternoon.  I still kept falling asleep though: a reaction, I guess, to last term which was dreadfully stressful at times.  It's lovely to be able to look ahead to rest and relaxation for several weeks.

On the food front I made some shortbread biscuits (which have now gone), some lemon, apple and carrot drink and a pizza base.

The biscuits were mostly for Alex but I have to admit that I had a fair few myself.  I love them.  The lemon, apple and carrot drink is very nice indeed although it looks as if it ought to have an orange flavour to it too.  Next time I will also add an orange and see how that goes.  It's very refreshing and has that citrus tang to it.

The pizza was intended to use up the rest of the chicken meat from Sunday, which it did.  The sauce was a sauce I made last year with the garden tomatoes and it was very scrummy.  I was a bit short on veg but added onion and red and yellow peppers and it all went really well together with finely grated cheddar on top (that's all I had).  It made a large pizza but there's just one bit left this morning and, as Alex has gone into the kitchen, it might not be around now!

Today I want to make a spread with the lemon, apple and carrot pulp.  I don't know how that will work but if it doesn't all I have lost is a bit of sugar so no problems!  Beth tried the lemon spread yesterday and agreed that it is absolutely delicious!

As for today - I don't know.  I'm still feeling rather weary and I have Alex here, so we shall see.  Breakfast is probably toast, not sure about lunch, and for dinner I shall do sausages with oven chips and some sort of veg.  I have some shop tomatoes that need using up so maybe I could roast them.  Oh, and as I didn't pick the runners on Monday, they definitely need picking today.  Just one portion, shared between two, just a taste!

I have a correction to make to yesterday's entry.  It's not two accidental tomato plants that are growing, it is three.  There's a small one right underneath the larger one so today I shall move it to where there is more space.  It tickles me pink as I forked out a mini-fortune form the plantlets last year (which were well worth the cash, I hasten to add) and this year I might get some for 'free'.  We shall see.  I will feed and encourage and nature will do whatever she fancies doing with them as she always does!

Here they are - three tomatoes and a bean!  We shall see . . .

I really do need to do some ironing!!!


Diane Epps said...

The only time for ironing is very early while it is still cool it is definitely not something to tackle in the heat of the day. I thought of doing the spreads but as we don't really eat sweet things it seemed a bit pointless.

Joy said...

I agree, it's more waste if you're not going to use it up. I wonder if one could use some to make salad dressing of some kind.