Monday, 7 July 2014


Oh, it feels so very Bank-Holiday-ish right now.  It requires a fair old mental effort to remember that it really isn't.  How lovely to be idling happily around instead of feeling the 'gotta prepare' pressure.  I reckon we should have a Tour de France this way every Monday.  It helps that it is fresh, bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky but we've had rain so no need to water, apart from the tomatoes in the growhouse!

Yesterday was a day of two halves.  I was quite busy in the morning with things culinary and delicious and in the afternoon I had a lovely long sleep.

As I expected, Thermione really earned her space (yet again) and the dinner I finally produced for me, Beth and Alex was really very tasty, thought I say it myself.  I've posted the three recipes on my other blog, Teacher's Recipes so if you'd like to take a look, here they are.  No need for a recipe for basmati rice!!

Sadly, there was no lentil and potato dhal left, but there was some chick pea and veg curry left and some rice, so it's all packed away in pots now, two meals in the freezer and two in the fridge for today and lunch at school on Tuesday.  After the curries, neither Beth nor I had much room left for the crumble although Alex had his usual hearty portion, so I have four wee portions to mix with my home made yogurt for desserts.  Very nice too.

In the evening there was quite a  - I was going to say 'dramatic' but that's not the right word - striking sunset with rain heading towards us.  I grabbed the camera and took a few photos over the fields, some with the sunset setting and some without.

With (far more dramatic than it really was)

Without and you can see the rain coming too.  Within five minutes it was almost as dark as night and the rain was lashing down.

As for today, the race is due to hit us around two o'clock so I will keep an eye on the live cover vie the internet or the telly and, hopefully, will be able to have a look as they all whizz past.

Apart from that, I intend to have a nice, gentle, lazy, restful time with maybe some fun cooking (yes, cooking can be fun, Cider Girl) to pass the hours.


joanygee said...

Hope you enjoy your peaceful Monday. Jx

Anonymous said...

Oh no it can't! But as I enjoy eating when I come to yours I won't try to persuade you that you are so wrong to think cooking can be fun.
Cider Lass.

Joy said...

Not so peaceful in the end, Joan, but extremely pleasant.
And oh yes it can, Cider Girl!
J x