Saturday, 19 July 2014


. . . and here I am at stupid o'clock having slept badly.  Heat, alcohol (not an awful lot but I guess it's not sensible when it is so hot) and a good old storm have contrived to keep me restless and often awake.

However, I can feel the sleep catching up again and, for once, I have nothing to get up for.  No George, no school, no visitors.  If I want (which I don't and won't) I can stay in bed all morning.

Yesterday was, as are all last days, bitter sweet.  The children were tired after their broken night and they were hot.  They could have gone the irritable, angry way but they didn't.  I've never known them so quiet when watching a dvd - they just say there, passively taking it in.

I received some lovely gifts and cards with kind messages.  More about that later but just to say a couple of them will be going into my memory box.

And now, having made and not drunk a pot of coffee, I am going up to bed again.  Never mind, the coffee will keep for later and sleep is more important right now.

I hope you have all slept better than I.


Diane Epps said...

Oh Joy I envy you a day off sadly I have to go shopping for pond stuff and my lot will want to eat at some time so no day off here.

Joy said...

Yes, I've just read your blog. Hoping you find what you want really quickly and that it won't be as expensive as you fear.
J x