Thursday, 24 July 2014


Good morning.  I woke at very stupid o'clock this morning and came downstairs as I just couldn't nod off again.  Having had a slice of lemon courgette cake (very, very nice, see other blog for details, highly recommended) and a decaf, I can feel the waves of sleep coming closer and closer so I reckon I'll pop back to bed after I've finished this.

Alex is not home after spending two days and one night with his ageing Nan.  He's been an absolute delight and I'm missing him already so it is fortunate that I will be round at Beth's today while my car is being serviced and MOTd

I had a lovely surprise yesterday evening.  Dave and Anna came round and stayed for a while sharing a bottle of red with me.  They scooped up lots of crocosmia too - I've had to thin out the crocosmia as it's just too much and has overshadowed other planting - and taken it away to be used elsewhere.  Perhaps the cerinthe and the Japanese anemone stand a chance now.  It's looking quite bare but that's partly because of the lack of lupin and I'm very much hoping that will come back next year.  We shall see.

So today the car is being MOTd and then I can road tax it and that's off my mind for another year.  I always do it online now.  It's so very easy and you have ten days grace from the start of the new disc to allow time for it to arrive.  My experience is that it takes one or two working days.  If I tax it later today, it should arrive on Monday.

The car is so old now, I am always expecting it to be very, very expensive at MOT time but, apart from when the cam belt needed replacing, it's been very moderate.  However, fingers are always crossed.

Right, well, I am back off to bed now so fingers crossed for a bit more sleep.  Have a great day!


Diane Epps said...

Good luck with the MOT as you say it is always an anxious time.

Joy said...

Thanks, Diane. I don't think there's anything but what do I know?
J x

joanygee said...

Crocosmia are an invasive species, they flourish along the Cornish lanes. Wishing you a peaceful and restful time. Jx