Sunday, 27 July 2014

Monday (Sunday evening really)

I'm doing this now because I doubt I will have time tomorrow.  My house sitters are arriving and I am departing for a few days away.  I ought to be able to continue blogging, but if there are connection problems, please don't worry if there's no blog.

It's been an extremely busy day today but I'm just about all set now.  I just need to pop everything in the case, locate my Kindle (where * did * I put it?) and make the picnic lunch: the first and last will be done tomorrow morning and I have no idea whether I will find the K or not.  Most annoying.

So what did I do?  Well, I made shortbread, ginger nuts and lemon courgette muffins (with orange oil instead of lemon zest).  I made a new dish for lunch and have blogged about it.  Please do go and look, it really is a very scrummy recipe - thank you, Joan and your American friend.

I did more washing and more ironing.  I made up beds for my lovely house sitters.  I picked runner beans, sliced them and froze them.  I tidied up the kitchen (several times).  I sorted out the garden and sprayed the tomatoes against blight, just in case.  I went shopping.  I got my things together.

I surely will sleep well tonight!

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