Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday evening

As the 'Super, Soaraway Sun' used to say and might still do for all I know), what a scorcher.  It has rarely been so hot and so humid and I can't help hoping it cools down again soon.  Its all a bit too much really.

None the less, I managed to take some photos of tomatoes that are going to form the basis of my breakfast tonorrow.

Sleep well . . . I am sure I will.


Diane Epps said...

It was a bit hot and noisy for sleep last night but I did grab a few hours once the rain had cooled things down. your toms look great

Joy said...

It was dreadfully hot, wasn't it. Even on top of the covers with the fan blowing it was uncomfortable. The humidity seems to be lower now though.
The toms are now picked and I'm about to put the bacon on. There's little nicer than fresh picked tomatoes fried in bacon fat!
J x