Friday, 4 July 2014


The countdown has begun.  Ten (working) days to go.  It's another lovely, sunny morning after a good night's rest.  It's Friday.  All reasons to rejoice.

I wasn't feeling so well yesterday evening.  All wobbly and giddy and a bit sick.  I'd expected to go to the Hare with friends but I chickened out.  I hope they all had a good time though.

Today is SEN in the morning and then I am off to Harlow for a course in the afternoon.  I hope it's not too difficult to find the place, fingers crossed.

And now I must go and get myself sorted.


Annabeth said...

Hope you feel better today x

Diane Epps said...

Hope you feel better today I had a bit of a wobbly day on Monday but it soon passed.

Beth said...

I wonder if it was the heat? I felt most peculiar yesterday evening too. Alex complained of extreme fatigue (but wouldn't take the day off, you know what he is like) Take it easy tonight, as it's been another hot one. xx

Joy said...

Thank you, lovely ladies all. I suspect it was the heat - Beth knows we don't cope easily with heat. And yes, I know what Alex is like.
Diahne, I'm glad you feel better now.
If I was going out tonight, I wouldn't, but I'm not so that's OK. I feel an early night calling though.

J x