Monday, 15 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I'm sitting up in bed to type this on the laptop so I have no idea what the weather is like and can't be bothered to get out of bed to look but, according to the weather forecast, it's going to be wet, wet, wet!  I'm driving home from Mum and Dad's this morning so the windscreen wipers will get some good exercise.  Part of Bishop's Stortford is blocked (a new road to a housing development, I think) so I will be going another way Dad told me about ages ago that cuts off going through Bishop's Stortford.  Some of it is country lane which is pretty but perilous - no, not really but narrow, sharp bends and potholes.  We will see.

Yesterday was a quiet day, cold out and warm within.  I read and baked, knitted and chatted and generally had a good rest.  The ouchy gallstone subsided again and (or maybe because) I drank water instead of nibbling.  I'm a shocker at nibbling at my parents' home; they have such tasty stuff around and it does me no good whatsoever!  Their self control around food is obviously a lot better than mine!

Today is a quiet day until tuition happens so I shall put some time aside to watch the old River Cottage programmes on the Good Food channel.  I think it's now on to Return to River Cottage.  As I'm not that keen to make bunny burgers or attract eels into my artisan made basket trap using a road kill rabbit as bait, I can't say I learn very much but it's all very interesting and I love how he makes the most of everything.

Better go.  I have some packing to do, a bath to enjoy and a bedroom to tidy!  Home from home really.  Diane, if you read this, get well soon and the same to Tracey.
Have a lovely day, whatever the weather.


Rachelradiostar said...

Am laughing out loud at you an your eel basket! Maybe you'll happen upon some roadkill on your way home down the lanes your Dad is sending you down! It's cold dark and rainy up North, but it'll be overly warm at work! I'm dressed in a summer dress with removeable layers of warm cardigans and scarf!!

Jules said...

It was raining cats and dogs here earlier. Wellies were needed for the school run. Have a safe drive home. X

Joy said...

LOL - It was a very wet drive back and I missed one of the turnings but there's another turning I can take and I found that one without any hassle. A nice drive and it cut out the biggest hold up, Bishop's Stortford, so I will do it again and find that first turn off!

You may be getting snow further up, I gather, so those layers will matter.
J x

Joy said...

. . . and the sun has just come out - cheers!

J x