Thursday 4 January 2018

Thursday: The Tenth Day of Christmas

Good morning.  Bit of a storm yesterday, wasn't it?  I do hope you are all OK and have suffered no damage.

I have an early start today - down to the GP for a med review.  I quite like early appointments as they mean I HAVE to get washed and dressed instead of lounging around in dressing gown and slippers.  OK, I get work done anyway, often quite a lot, but it doesn't feel the same somehow.  I really ought to get ready for the day earlier which could be today's G thing but isn't!

Today, G is for Grape juice jelly which has a nice alliterative tang to it, doesn't it, even if only one word begins with the right letter?
After years of muttering over unsuccessful experiences with powdered gelatin (another G), last week I had a go with leaf/sheet gelatin last week, using the leftover juice or syrup from the tins of fruit I opened to make the Christmas fruit salad.  It was a great success (and dead easy too).  Basically you soak the sheets on cold water, one sheet for every 100mls of liquid, and then squeeze the water off the now softened sheets and add to the warmed liquid, whisking it until it dissolves (very quickly).

I have some grape juice (really grape juice, not wine) left over from Christmas so today I'm going to have a go at making grape juice jelly.  I'm hoping it will be really nice and will feel like a treat.
I'll let you know

The only problem.  Red grape jelly or white grape jelly?

T:   Turkey - dealing with the Christmas bird
W:  Winter Ware - using my Christmas plates
E:   Exercise and Energy - start to get moving over the new year
L:   Low-fat Living - the side effects of a very low fat diet
F:   Festive Fish - kedgeree or the like
T:   Thermal slipper-socks.  Warm feet, happy me!
H:   Have a Happy and Healthy New Year

N:   No-waste Nuts - the joy of sharing
I:    Iced Imbibations (is that actually a word?)
G:   Grape juice jelly

Oh - and, Margaret - I'm getting lemons when I go shopping today!  Then I can be 100% posh!!!  :-)


  1. Tut, tut, not to have lemons on hand for a posh G&T, ha ha! Shame on you, girl! Mind you, a number of years ago when husband and I had a tour of the Plymouth Gin Distillery in Plymouth (I was writing about it for Devon Life) and at the end of the tour when we were given samples to try, it was explained to us that the best way to have gin was with water, without ice or lemon, as these spoilt the flavour of the 'botanicals' in the gin. I learned a lot about gin that day, mainly that once distilled and bottled, gin is ready to drink, unlike other spirits which need to be laid down so that they can mature, such as whisky. So storage isn't the same problem as it is for whisky, gin can be distilled in the morning, bottled, and out to the shops by tea time.
    Margaret P

  2. I didn't know any of that! Very interesting, thanks.
    I hang my head in shame - or I would except that I bought some lemons this morning so my afternoon posh drink will be 100% posh. :-)
    J x

  3. I'd not bother with G for Grape Juice, just stick at I for Iced Imbibations!

  4. The more Imbibing the better, eh? :-)
    J x

  5. I hope your medication review went well. I know exactly what you mean about making the effort to get dressed properly and start the day. I've wasted too many hours swanning around in my dressing gown and procrastinating but maybe I'm too old to change. Anyway, I love my dressing gown!

  6. So do I. It's warm and cosy and comfortable. I just wouldn't want to open the door to a visitor in it!
    The review was fine, thanks!
    J x