Thursday, 11 January 2018


Good morning, everyone!
I was wrong about yesterday - by mid morning the sun was out and it was all very cheerful.  I had a little walk out and it was lovely - not warm but not cold.  Fingers crossed for today.

I got all the shopping done, a bit of tidying up and clearing out and then enjoyed a rest with some magazines and the telly.  They're showing the first River Cottage programmes on the Food Channel and I missed them first time.  They're good.  A bit huntin', fishin' and shootin' but very interesting, goes right back to where the food starts and I have a bit of a soft spot for Hugh F-W.  He's certainly not a cheffy chef and there's no 'ponciness' about him.

I didn't get the Christmas tree down.  I couldn't.  I've had to be away for much of the post Christmas period so I reckon I haven't had my money's worth from it this year yet.  That's my excuse anyway!

Today I have, as always, housework and there's a pile of washing and ironing awaiting my attention.  It won't go away so I'd better look it straight in the eye and deal with it.  There's also a bit more planning to do and I'm trying to sort out just one bit of mess in my bedroom each day so that needs doing too.  I've been staring at a stack of sheet music - recorder music - some pretty expensive stuff but I'm never going to use it again.  Some of it is from when I was playing at a higher grade sort of standard so not all of it is stuff I can hand on to the school or anything.  I wonder if the charity shop might take it. 

Well, time is passing so I had better get going or I won't achieve much today.  Have a great day yourself and may the sun shine for you.


Diane said...

I took myself off to one of Hughs pig days at the old river cottage and so had a chance to speak to him and he is exactly as he appears a very nice chap.

Joy said...

Lucky you. He certainly comes over as very down to earth and natural.
J x

Jules said...

I'm so pleased the sun shone for you Joy. It always makes me feel better. Another Hugh fan here. X

Joy said...

There seem to be plenty of us around! :-)
J x

galant said...

Husband takes our Christmas tree down, bit by bit, in situ. He has secateurs and cuts the branches off the stem of the tree (it's really too thin to call it a trunk at this stage in its short life) and chops them all up into a black bag which he then takes on his next visit to the tip for the green waste section, and the 'stalk' is put in the boot of the car also to go to the green waste section. This is easier than trying to dismantle a Christmas tree (it's a 6ft one) and carry it out, dropping needles everywhere. After that, he brushes up the worst of the shed needles and then vacuums the whole carpet (I don't have to ask him to do this, he just does it.) Maybe you could cut the tree up in situ with secateurs and keep the clippings for when you next go to the amenity tip? Just a thought.
Margaret P

Joy said...

Ah - mine's nothing so naturally lovely. It's an artificial tree. It's been in the family for decades - used to be Beth's and I had another one but then we sweapped because here's was just a bit too big for her home. I did well out of that as it's still going strong whereas the one that was mine died the death a number of years ago. The difference between a home with a child and cats and one with just an adult, I guess.
If I had a real tree, I guess I would follow your advice.
J x

Chris said...

We did out tree on Saturday 12th Night but failed to clean the lounge the same day we were both too tired so had a kip!
Carrot and Butter bean soup,
1 onion chopped
6 Large carrots chopped
Tin Butterbeans
Chicken oxo about 1 litre
Saute onion in a very little butter until clear, add carrots and cook a little, add butterbeans and chicken stock and simmer 30 mins, then suzz in your mixer add s and p to taste. This can be thick or add more liquid if you like. Handful of chopped parsley to serve.
We love it and fits in with our SW food plan.

Joy said...

Mmmm - carrot and butterbean - that sounds absolutely delicious, thanks very much. I've printed it out so I remember to make it.

A kip sounds like a very good way to go to me! :-)
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

I think I'm going to make this carrot and butter bean soup!

Joy said...

It sounds scrummy, doesn't it? It's on my list of soups for this week!
J x