Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Good morning, everyone!  It's lovely and sunny at the moment and my fingers are crossed that it will last the day out today.  Let's face it, my recent forecasts (hopes) have been a dismal failure and this week isn't supposed to be all that great really.

With sadness I popped into school yesterday and handed back my laptop - well, not mine really but you know what I mean.  Before then I spent some time clearing off a whole lot of stuff, some school related, that had built up over the years.  A bit like my cupboards really only easier.  Some photos went onto memory sticks and some I just deleted.

While I was there I signed off the class camera that I had left in a class cupboard, having cleared the card first.  This 'clearing' might be easy but it's a huge tearing away of the past, probably a very Good Thing but quite painful.

I bet you're thinking 'here she goes again' and I'm not complaining, honestly, just pondering, really!

Moving swiftly on, I've started some knitting after buying a couple of pattern books from eBay (thanks, Tracey) and really enjoying it.  Knitting is (usually) so restful and if you go wrong it is an easy matter to pull it all undone and start again!  It can mostly be done while watching telly too, which makes it doubly restful.  I've started with a little cardigan and feel like working my way through the book because the photos are so enchanting and the patterns so straightforward.  And let's face it, I have so much yarn it is not going to mean any extra expense.  My younger teaching friends who have recently had babies will soon have toddlers and I'm hoping a handknit or two will go down well both now and in the next year or so.

Well, I had better go and get going on something.  Coffee, bath and knitting, probably, as I think today is likely to be a lazy day with lots of chat and little substance!  Sounds great, doesn't it?  I love the summer holidays.


Diane said...

Joy we have sunshine too and I am completely out of knitting, having knitted up all my excess yarn. I must get something to do with my hands as I find just sitting watching TV too dull and as you say knitting is restful as a pass time.

joanygee said...

Knitting is a good way to relax and for you to keep in touch with friends. Jx

Joy said...

I do love my knitting. Diane, I have a lovely stash I can share . . . :-) Joan, yes, I find it extremely relaxing too.
J x