Wednesday, 8 July 2015


And another 'good morning, gentle readers' from me to you.  Another really ridiculous early morning here but I'm not fussed.  I know it will all readjust once the term ends and if it doesn't, no problem!  Waking early has all sorts of benefits for me.  I can get all sorts of worky bits and bobs done that I'm too tired to do in the evenings, I get to see sunrises, feel the fresh new day, hear the dawn chorus (if my aids are in), wander quietly and peacefully in the garden and generally enjoy life before sensible people are up!

Yesterday started off beautifully but by the time I set off for school it had all clouded over.  Rain was forecast, quite heavy rain here, but did we get any?  Did we heck!  A very few enormous splodges at some point but no downpour, no refreshing of the garden.  Ho hum!

School plods on.  There's eight more days to go, that's all.  I'm feeling rather numb at the moment.

This coming Saturday I intend to spend all day in school, sorting out everything.  Beth said she will come and help which is very kind, thank you.  I usually come in during the holidays but, for obvious reasons, I would rather not this year.

I won't be cutting links with the school though.  I intend to stay as a governor although my role will probably change and I will do supply for KS1 as needed.  I have also promised to be a 'mummy helper' again.  All the fun, none of the pressures!  That sounds good.

But for now there's work to prepare.  We're half way through a unit of poetry, a unit on data handling and a unit on 'moving pictures' using sliders, levers and pivots and wheels (behind the page, not in front, so rather more difficult that it sounds).  On Friday we are off to Southend for the day (educational, I assure you) and the weather looks good for that.

So better go and sort out the work, then sort out the kitchen which is a mess and then light should have dawned so I can give my plants their morning drink.  My morning routine works well for me - do you have a routine that you tend to stick to?

Have a great day.


Diane said...

I too have a morning routine - coffee and blog followed by more coffee and make a start on preparing the days food - get things out of the freezer prep the vegetables and tidy the kitchen. The a shower and sort myself out

Joy said...

It sounds very similar in some ways!
J x

joanygee said...

All the fun and none of the grind seems most appealing. Poetry? What an early start to the art! Jx

Joy said...

Theyn have to cover a variety of genres - story, extended story, instructions, non-chron report, recount, playscript, poetry, persuasive writing . . . and so it goes on!
J x

Chrissie said...

My morning routine is coffee, more coffee, one more coffee with breakfast (2 of them are usually but not always decaf) and loading the dishwasher - one of my least favourite jobs - before driving to work. I wish I also had only 8 days to go with the option of stopping by to do the fun bits (in my job there are no fun bits, but still....)

Joy said...

:-) It's called retirement, aka getting old!
I couldn't cope with morning without coffee!
J x