Friday, 3 July 2015


Well, here we are at the end of another week, more or less.  It cooled off a bit at some point overnight and cooler air is now flooding into the house via windows and French windows.  Very nice too.  What isn't so nice is my smelly bin which needs emptying much more often in this hot weather.  Excuse me while I do the necessary . . .

 . . . that's better!

The promised heavy rain didn't materialise yesterday although we did get one short, heavy shower in the early evening accompanied by a few claps of thunder.  Nothing dramatic though and it didn't help the humidity at all.

The afternoon was lovely though - coding, which the children love, in the cool computer suite.  They have got to the point now where they have more choices about their instructions and bugs are appearing.  Some of them are very clever at debugging their algorithms! (see, I have started speaking the language!!!)  Anyway, we stayed in there for about 90 minutes and it was lovely!

After school I hopped off to an Infant Music Festival meeting and got put on the committee.  This wasn't a surprise, I had already said I would if needed.  The sole responsibility of the committee is to plan and make happen the Infant Music Festival each year so it won't be terribly heavy.  I have done my bit on the Junior Music Festival committee in the past and now I can help out again in a different area!  Nice.

I've started clearing out my files!  The teacher coming into my class will take as many empty files as I choose to leave.  Some are mine and some were bought by the school: some I would like to keep and some not.  There's really not an awful lot to clear after last summer's mega-sort-out so it won't take too long.  My TAs are helping, bless them, so it should all be spick and span before the end of term or, if necessary, before the end of the first week of what I must learn not to call 'the holiday' because it will be ongoing!

But for now it is on with the planning . . . and another coffee!

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