Monday, 6 July 2015

Monday: what won't I miss

Good morning, all.

A comment by Joan yesterday set me thinking.  I know I will miss an awful lot about teaching when the whistle finally blows on August 31st but there are definitely things I won't miss.

 Here are some thoughts, in (as they say on Strictly Come Dancing) no particular order and with absolutely no criticism intended of anyone (except the government, I guess)!.

1.  Writing reports.  While I appreciate the need for accountability, etc, there has to be a better way than using a good thirty hours of ones time ('as well as' hours, not 'instead of' hours and it doesn't include all the evidence gathering and thinking that goes on before one writes a single word on the form) to fill in two sides of A4 saying it how it really is (which is essential) politely (which can be hard but is also essential). We have to comment on reading, writing, speaking and listening, maths, computing, history, geography, D&T, art, music, PE, RE, PSHE and personal comment
It goes with the job but it is a difficult time of year.
At least we don't have to worry about MFL until KS2!
2.  Marking.
3.  Planning.
4.  The Big O.  I have two more weeks to endure before I know I won't be OFSTEDed ever again..  Fingers, toes and eyes are very firmly crossed at the moment and please join with me in this.  Nobody likes O.  It's a blight on the history and the future of teaching.  It has caused breakdowns, permanently damaged perfectly good schools, forced perfectly good people out of teaching and generally made life an ongoing and absolute misery.  It's divisive and confrontational.
There has to be a better way - and that was developing until the present government took office.  OFSTED was starting to work WITH schools, not against them.  It was promising.  Such a shame it didn't continue.
5.  Stuff it would not be sensible to rant about right now or maybe ever.  It still exists though . . . and maybe, one day, I will rant!  You will have to stick with me to find out!

And from the cor blimey to the sublime (another old saying, Gill)

Breakfast:  Marmite on toast, melon
Lunch:  Egg salad, fruit and yogurt
Dinner:  Lasagne and salad (I will get that blimmin' lasagne eaten one of these days!!!!)

Have a wonderful day, gentle readers.
(and in case anyone wonders why I use the term 'gentle readers', I am a big fan of Jane Eyre)


joanygee said...

Your 'Gentle reader' always reminds me of Noel Langley, 'The Land of Green Ginger' which begins:
'May fortune preserve you, Gentle Reader. May your days be filled with constant joy, and may my story please you, for it has no other purpose'. Jx

Joy said...

AH - now I really do like that! Thanks, Joan.
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

Our reports deadline was last Friday and my colleagues all breathed a sigh of relief! It's the hardest term of all this!

Joy said...

It is. What with all thw assessment, the paperwork, the reports as well as sports days, performances, leavers assemblies and so on and so forth, it is all just too much!
Our deadline was the week before and, for the very first time, I didn't make it. The year before I was first in! :-)
J x