Sunday, 19 July 2015


Yesterday was a beautiful day, weather wise, wasn't it?  It was here anyway.  It could have been very humid but there was a breeze that lifted things and made it pleasant.

After Friday evening when I wasn't in bed until around eleven, you would have thought I'd have woken later than usual but no, before four and I was wide awake.  Very frustrating.

I have a friend staying (who has just come down and scared the daylights out of me because I don't have my hearing aids in and so didn't hear her) and we decided to go out.

So after packing a picnic hamper (Yes, I really have one.  Pretentious?  Moi?) we set off for Hylands Park which I have hardly ever been to, despite living close by for decades now.  That, unfortunately, was a mistake.  I didn't realise but this weekend Hylands is hosting the National Flower Show.  All very nice and normally I'd have loved to go but I'm feeling a bit fragile and the thought of zillions of adults thronging around me was too much.  So we drove straight out again and ended up at good old Hyde Hall.  We had a leisurely lunch, looked around the shop and the plants for sale (lovely plants, very expensive) and came home again because by that time I was drooping.

Back home I had a good old snooze and then the rest of the day passed quietly and in the usual way!

And I slept like a log!

Today I need to start to tackle the mess.  I will start with the sofa which is hosting much of the stuff I have brought home from school.  One thing at a time . . .

Have a gread day.

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