Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  Again it is a really lovely morning, cool and fresh with a more or less clear sky and a shining sun.  Looking at the BBC weather, we are supposed to be getting some rain this morning.  I can hardly believe it, looking at how fine it is right now but then Sunday morning was lovely too and just look at the rain we got later in the morning!

I have just been out to give the plants their morning drink and thought that the middle bed was looking really nice.  There's a time, after the bulbs are finished, that it looks awful, all dying leaves, and then up come the summer flowers and aaaahhhhh . . .

You may remember that I bought some fuchsias cheap in Morrisons.  When I put them out all the  flowers dropped and my heart sank - but they were very cheap so I just shrugged my shoulders and kept watering.  It was worth it because they have picked up now, they are covered with buds that are just starting to open and they are an absolute picture.  The dianthus is also lovely but is still in a pot.  I think I have now found its forever place but need to have some of the crocosmia out and that is just coming into flower so I guess I will keep it there and enjoy the blooms one more time.

Yesterday I was in Morrisons and they had more plants reduced.  This year I have had such great experience of Morrisons plants that I hardly hesitated.  Some cheeky lady got there just before me and nicked the plant I was heading for but there was also a healthy looking delphinium so I grabbed that.  I've wanted a delphinium for a while: I love the colour, the size, the shape.  I read that they are quite hard to grow so fingers crossed.

I have a few plants in pots laid out in various places on the midle bed and I keep shifting them round to see what they look like.  I  did intend to replace the lupin I killed last year (by spraying it with weed killer, not bug spray - ooops) but never got round to it.  I may not have space for one now!

Isn't it amazing how weeds manage to hide?  I saw a huge one snuggling within the aquilegias.   It must have been there for ages but I hadn't noticed it.  Well, its hours are now numbered, its time is up, it is going to meet its maker!

I woke at utterly stupid o'clock this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I set to and updated the PSHE education policy which needed to be done.  I think it is OK now, fingers crossed.  Now I just need to look at today's planning and I will be ready for the day ahead.

Have a great day!


Annabeth said...

I feel a picture coming, she says hopefully .... ;-)

The problem with Delphiniums I found is that they are prime slug food!

Joy said...

So I gather. It said that once they are about six inches up they are oK. I am afraid I believe in slug pellets!
J x