Monday, 20 July 2015


First of all, before any comments on the weather, the early hour or the coffee, I want to say a heartfelt and deeply appreciative thank you to my lovely friend, Alison, who gave up her weekend to come and stay here and support me through what could otherwise have been a very emotional weekend.  Thanks, Al, words cannot express the difference you have made.

It's a bright, cool morning and I am hoping for another pleasant day like yesterday.  I was a bit wakeful overnight but ended up sleeping until 5:30, which is brilliant for me so I am well pleased.

Yesterday was a baking day, even if it didn't seem that way.  I made three loaves of my usual bread, I made some soda bread from a recipe I have modified and I made a fruit loaf which is truly delicious.  I have already posted the loaf recipe and the fruit loaf recope  on Teacher's Recipes and will do the same with the soda bread in the next few days.  Please do take a peek.

All told it was a very pleasant day.  A fair amount of laziness supported by a lack of 'concern' about the planning for the following week.  I need to get used to that feeling now, don't I?  It's not just for the next six weeks, it is for the rest of my life.

I baked, I made a Sunday lunch (poached salmon, peas, carrots and new potatoes), I snoozed in the afternoon and I cracked open a bottle of rose (not a usual Sunday activity) in the evening.

Today is a 'me' day.  I doubt I will go out except into the garden, of course.  It's a tidy up, start to take control of things day.  Oh - and I have some assessments to do too.

Today's food (yes, starting back on this):
Breakfast:  toasted fruit bread, apple
Lunch:  2 boiled eggs and toasty soldiers
Dinner:  left-overs (from yesterday) omelette with cheese, salad, yogurt


Sonja said...

Sounds like a lovely, relaxing day. I expect you will need time to wind down after what has been such a busy term and an emotional end to it - bound to take a few days.
The laziness sounds good and the food delicious!
Assessments? Is this for school?
Have a lovely winding-down day. :o)

Tracey said...

Hi Joy,

If you leave me a message that I won't publish with a link to your email address, I'll email you the name of my eBay seller account, so you can click on it and go straight to the items I'm selling!

Kind regards,


Joy said...

Wow, thank you, Tracey. Will do so! Much appreciated.

Yes, Sonja, that assessments are school work. Booooooooooooo!!! :-)

J x

Sonja said...

..goodness, you poor love - no rest for the wicked then, even in retirement! . :o)
Hope they won't take you too long and have a lovely day. :o)

Joy said...


J x