Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ten things I can do now!

In totally random order and certainly not complete . . .

1.  I can take advantage of cheaper internet grocery shopping (if such a thing still exists - it's a long time since I used it).

2.  I can shop in Lidl or Aldi without having to get there on opening time or risk not getting a parking slot.

3.  I can pack a picnic and wander around Hyde Hall any time I fancy it.  Or Hylands . . . or wherever.

4.  I can eat breakfast in the garden at a civilised hour if I want to.  Or lunch, come to that.

5.  I can pick strawberries at Lathcoats during the week.  I missed out this year because of work commitments at the weekend.

6.  I can go swimming with Beth.

7.  I can spend the whole day sewing/knitting/quilting/whatever without feeling guilty.

8.  I can make bread on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

9.  I don't have to do all the ironing at the weekend.  I might end up with an empty ironing basket, you never know!

10.  I can meet up with friends for lunch.

After a comment from a friends, I have to add . . .
11.  I can stay up later in the evening to watch something on the telly if I want, rather than falling asleep in my chair because the day has been wearying.  Then I can sleep later the next day (if I can).


Sonja said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! :o)
I have just written a comment on a previous day about this. I should have waited for your today's entry. :o)
Have a lovely time! :o)

Joy said...

:-) Great minds and all that!
J x

Sonja said...

Yes. :o)
Commenting on your comment: the not having to be so exhausted in the evenings will make such a difference (don't forget, I have seen this first-hand, and it was so worrying to see). As you have said, you'll be able to watch things later on TV but, even more importantly, you won't have to battle through the exhaustion on a daily basis - you will feel better and stronger in yourself and I bet you won't have even a fraction of the colds, etc, you have had these last few years. I mean the benefits of semi-retirement are just so numerous and amazing. :o)
Sorry for rattling on, but I am so, so happy for you, I think you are going to absolutely love this newish phase of your life once you have got properly used to the idea. :o)
Have a lovely Sunday. :o)

Diane said...

I'm glad to see you are planning with pleasure in mind not pressure. You are the boss now and what ever you want to do is down to you and if you get cheesed off you can stop. Long cold winter days are ideal for handy crafts long warm summer days for lazy lunches in the garden. One of my friends took up spinning and hand dying fleeces when she retired she now find herself in hot demand for others with the same ideas.

Joy said...

You are both absolutely right. I've lived with that tiredness for so long I have more or less forgotten any other way. Even the six week summer break wasn't really long enough to establish new patterns.
Spinning and hand dying sounds fascinating, Diane!

J x

joanygee said...

No-one (in harness) takes much notice of how exhausting teaching can be. But, those viewing from the outside soon see the exhaustion take hold. It'll take a while, but hopefully folk will then notice your new zest for life. Jx

Joy said...

You're right, Joan. It just becomes part of the normal for you and you forget there's anything better.
I'm not saying the effort isn't worth it, I'm not saying the children aren't worth it, but it is very exhausting.
J x