Thursday, 23 July 2015


It's a lovely, bright morning, the skies are blue and the sun is shining!  I woke much later than previously, mainly because it was a late night last night, past eleven o'clock.  I actually set the alarm because the garden man will be here at 7:30 and will need a key to the shed.

Yesterday was quite dull in parts but I did get a lot done.  The interesting bit was that I had a go at making the rye bread and it went well.  It was very different in feel and the dough didn't need kneading as such, although it got some in Thermione anyway.  I started with a half and half - half rye flour, half wholemeal flour, which was a happy mistake as the recipe said strong white but I misread it.  I've posted about it on the other blog but will just say here that the bread it produced is delicious!

The rest of the time was spent clearing out and reorganising one of the tall cupboards beside my work desk.  Oh, what a lot of rubbish it had in it, to be sure.  The recycled paper sack is now crammed full and I have a fair old stack of old paper for the little boy of a friend, when they can come and puck them up, plus crayons, pencils and felt tips.  I also have several empty shelves.  Now I have to deal with the other one and then, hopefully, all my stuff can go into one cupboard and the sewing stuff can go into the other cupboard.

When that was done, I moved on to the filing cabinet.  Oh, my goodness.  Statements dating back to before the turn of the century!!  The paper shredder earned its keep yesterday, I assure you, and I have several bags of shredded paper to deal with.

Today I think I will be going to the allotment but I'm not 100% sure about that.  It will be nice to get away from the hammering and banging!  Apart from that, it's more clearing out and decluttering.  I must go through all the instruction manuals and so on as most of them could not be chucked, I am sure.

I have decided that I'm handing on my bread maker.  It was one of the few appliances I held on to when I bought Thermione but I haven't used it since and I doubt I will now as I am out of that routine.  I do need to check that it still works and then I will probably advertise it on a local Facebook selling page.

But first - yes, that's it - coffee . . .  I need it!


Rachelradiostar said...

Every time I click to leave a comment, it always opens a dodgy 'adult' page too.....every time!
Anyway, I use shredding to lay my fire, it's excellent tinder for the kindling! I've TV licences that are older than my children in files around the house!!

Joy said...

Oh, no. I wonder why it does that. Can you describe exactly what you do and what happens, please?

I've just shredded several TV licences. I don;t have any open fires and while a little might be OK on the compost heap, not as much as I have.

J x

Sonja said...

I just thought how lovely it must have been for you to be able to stay up until 11pm without having to worry about being exhausted the next day. :o)
The clearing out sounds great - really good idea. :o)
Have a good day.

Joy said...

It was nice, Sonja, really lovely!
J x