Thursday, 9 July 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.

After saying that I use the term 'gentle readers' because I love 'Jane Eyre', Joan pointed out in her comment that she knows another reference to the term.  It is also used by  Noel Langley in 'The Land of Green Ginger', a book I have never come across, where it starts:
'May fortune preserve you, Gentle Reader.  May your days be filled with constant joy, and may my story please you, for it has no other purpose'.
I rather like that.  Thanks, Joan.

Now I need to look out for the book.  Summer reading, perhaps?  Amazon, here I come!

Yesterday started off very pleasant but then clouded over.  The rain stayed off until lunchtime before starting to pour, sending the children dashing for cover.  It didn't last long but by then they had started watching a Magic Grandad video so we finished that before starting afternoon school.  There were several short and sharp showers later on, enought for me not to need to water the garden.

Before then, in the morning, we had a fire drill!  Now, I should have realised that one was due.  We have them regularly and time is now short.  The fact remains I was taken by surprise but it made no difference.  The children were fantastic.  They lined up without a word, marched briskly out, no panic, no silliness.  I was well proud of them, I can tell you!  First out is quite an achievement!

The afternoon was PPA.  Next week's planning was done very quickly and I went back into the classroom to carry on clearing the cupboards.  Yet again I thanked my lucky stars that I spent all those days last summer getting rid of ancient stuff because really my job is now comparatively easy - which is just as well seeing as at staff meeting last night we were given a long list of Things We Still Need To Do or the Sky Will Fall!

Reports are going out on Friday.  For the first time they are going out electronically and I hope it all works well because not only has it saved a lot of time for us teachers, it is also saving a huge sum in photocopying and stationery.  It has meant a lot more work for office staff, of course, and I'm very grateful to them indeed.  They are even doing the 'had copy' children - those who need hard copies of everything because there is no internet access for whatever reason.

Today I have my KS coordinator time.  I should be able to get everything sorted to hand on to the new coordinator next week - not that there's much to literally 'hand on' because most of the paperwork is on the 'Pool'.  All meeting agendas, minutes, etc, etc . . .  There are also the PSHE folders but, really, ditto!

One very nice thing that happened yesterday.  A little chap from the other Y2 class (which I taught last year) came round to present me with a farewell gift.  He won't be here next week so gave it early.  It was lovely - a mug with 'home sweet home' on it, a plaque thingy saying 'do what you love every day' and a card with 'the school won't be the same without you - bye' written inside.  How lovely!  I christened the mug yesterday evening and I am sure the coffee tasted twice as nice as usual!

Finally, for Annabeth, a few photos.
 One of the fuchsias . . .

 . . . and the other.

 Crocosmia lucifer

 It's a beautiful blue.

Rather blurred but promising and there's loads more too!

And finally, finally . . .
Breakfast:  toast and marmalade
Lunch:  picnic lunch at school
Dinner:  ham salad, fruit


Annabeth said...

Ooh lovely, thank you! All in peak condition and looking happy! xx

joanygee said...

Thank you for the mention (blush). I came across "The Land of Green Ginger" many years ago when it was read by Kenneth Williams on Jackanory. The Next time was during teacher training (many years ago). I had to choose and analyse a children's book, and that one gave me lots to write about. Hope you enjoy it if/whenever you read it. Jx

Joy said...

Thank you,ladies. Joan, I have looked but the versions I have found have not been well reviewed. I will keep looking.
J xxx