Thursday, 4 June 2020


Morning, everyone.  It's a dull, cool, windy start to the day but, as yet, no rain, darn it.  Beeb thinks it's not going to be all that warm but doesn't predict rain so I think an early visit to the allotment is on the cards, just to water, to weed around the baby corn, remove the pigeon barrier from the runner beans and weed around there too.  I also 'encourage' the bean plants towards the canes.

Yesterday was a lovely day because Beth came round while Alex was doing his first exam.  Before then, I had done my shop for the week so that was off my mind and I even managed to find some SR flour so I got two bags, one for me and one for Beth.
Beth and I both said how lovely it was to be under the same roof again.  We maintained distance, of course, and sometimes we chatted and sometimes we did our own thing but it was just really nice.

Personal Training was outside at Lindsey's (she calls it the Garden Gym!) and it was lovely.  No sun and a breeze so one didn't get too hot.  It's now a week until the next session (I now have two half hours per week) so I need to up my game between times!

Then, in the evening, I bit the bullet and wrestled with my tablet which I ought to use more than I do.  I managed to get the Slimming World app downloaded and then tried to download the new magazine (it's free to SW members at the moment but online only) and got all hot and irritated.  It turns out, I had the wrong password for it!  All done now, phew.

I gather Alex was happy with how the exam went so all in all it was a pleasant day!

Apart from the allotment, I have a video chat with Val this afternoon and that's it as far as organised things are concerned but it's Thursday so time to tidy up all the little piles of clutter that have magically appeared all round the house so the cleaners have a clear run tomorrow.  By this evening my home should be as tidy as it ever is.

That's about it really.  I think it's going to be nice - I hope so, anyway.
Take care, stay safe and be happy.  xx


  1. The weather is rather dire here, much colder than yesterday, grey and dull with a stiff breeze.

    How lovely that you got to spend some time with Beth and it's good to hear that Alex was pleased with how his exam went.

    You have a good mixture of things going on today so I hope you have a great day x

  2. you are keeping busy and spending time with loved ones is always a good thing,,