Thursday, 25 February 2016


It's awful cold out there again . . .

I forgot to mention yesterday that on Tuesday I had a lovely little surprise.  When we retired last summer (there were three of us leaving), various photos were taken at the party and on Tuesday I was handed a little book with some of the photos in.  Really lovely memories.

Yesterday I cooked a very nice carrot and lentil soup, recipe in Teacher's Recipes, and in the evening went to a school governors' meeting which was very interesting and informative.  Apart from that it was a kind of Lazy Day really.  I did get on with my second crochet blanket though and there are now spaces in the stash cupboard which is what it's all about.  I'm having to fight the temptation to be anal about colours and rows and things like that and keep telling myself it is to use up yarn, not buy yarn in specifically!  Oh, dear.

Today I want to make bread with the starter for the first time.  It's all fizzy and bubbly and in the peak of health so here's hoping, eh!  I have to go out in the afternoon but my impression is that rising and proving all take ages so that should be OK.

I also indulged in a nice looking pork shoulder the other day and today I am turning it into pulled pork.  I've not made that, ever, so I have a recipe and fingers crossed!  Do you have any pulled pork recipes you could share?

That's about it, really.  I'm thinking that maybe next week I will take some time out to go to Hyde Hall and see the gardens in winter.  The bulbs should be very attractive and it will get me out and walking in the open air - always a Good Thing.  I should make better use of my membership.

Today's food:
B:  poached egg on crumpet
L:  soup from the freezer
D:  pulled pork but not sure what with.  I need to google around and see what's suggested.  If I can't find anything it will probably be with broccoli and maybe sweet potato fries.


Annabeth said...

Good luck with working with the colours you have, a special challenge and it'll be even more satisfying in the end!

I would be tempted to supplement too but then I remind myself of the banana bread syndrome (Ooh, I've got some bananas left over that are going manky, I think I'll make a banana bread and then, ooh, I don't have enough bananas, so better buy some more and so on, and so on ...) :-)

Joy said...

That's exactly it, Annabeth! I was even looking at Deramore's this morning and thinking . . .
But then I shut it down again! Can you see the halo?
I have got some dishcloth cotton on order but that's quite different!
J x

Annabeth said...

It's shining brightly this way ....

Gill Turner said...

I cheat big time when I make pulled pork.
I always cook in the slow cooker - I brown pork shoulder first- then add to the slow cooker with cider and cook until falling apart. I remove from cooker - rest for say 20 mins - then pull apart with 2 forks. I then add bottled BBQ sauce (hence the cheat!!)
I have made from scratch with rubs etc. but my lot prefer the cheats version!

Gill Turner said...

Sorry also meant to add I serve with home made potato wedges, salad and coleslaw.

Joy said...

I used a rub and it was lovely - salt, pepper, cinnamon and something (I've forgotten) and it said add water so I did. Next time I will use cider because not only will it impart a lovely flavour and make a great sauce, there will be some left over!
I had some in a roll and today I am going to make up the Perfect Pulled Pork Pot Pie!
J x