Sunday, 28 February 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Can you believe it's nearly the end of February already.  Just two more days to go!  One sixth of the way through the year.  They'll be putting out the Christmas decorations soon!

It's dull out there this morning.  I have no idea how cold or otherwise it is and can't be bothered to get up and look, lazy thing that I am.  I'll find out soon enough when I go to Aldi at ten.

What did I do yesterday - I can't think.  Oh, yes, I started another sourdough loaf which has just come out of the fridge and is sitting on the radiator warming up before baking.  I'm trying different ways to do what is, by its very nature, a long process and, at the moment, proving overnight in the fridge seems to work.  I hope it freezes OK though as I haven't started on yesterday's loaf yet!

I had a broccoli stalk left over from Friday so I made a batch of my broccoli soup.  It makes a lovely soup, does broccoli stalk, and there's the satisfaction of knowing that there's minimal waste.  My guests liked it very much (or said they did!!!) and there's a portion left for the freezer.  What could be better?

I got the ironing board set up, got a chair, turned on the telly and set to with the ironing and now I have an empty ironing basket.  It feels great, even though I know there will be more by the end of today as I have bedding to wash.
Thank you, Google Images!
The evening meal was pizza but, while it tasted fine, the base hadn't cooked enough.  Maybe I made it too thick.  I will have to have another go and experiment, I think.  This might sound odd but there were three slices left so I think I might take off the toppings (onion, pepper, mushroom and sweet corn) and use them in the toasties I plan to make for munch today - in one of them anyway, the one for me.  I think the base would need more than just a reheat!
I will try that recipe again and if the same thing happens I'll ditch it and look for another.  It wasn't the yogurt and flour one, it was a proper yeast based dough so I guess more heat and slightly longer or perhaps a preliminary bake before putting on the toppings.  Having said that, the pizzas you get in the restaurants can have a pretty floppy and soggy bottom at times.

Today, being Sunday, Beth is coming over for lunch and we will do some sewing together, probably.  The stuffing has arrived for the Tonk sock cats so I bet that's what we will do - get them made up and all finished.

Before then I will be popping over to Aldi as I want to take advantage of their very good Super Six this week.  Then I will need to deal with the washing.  After Beth has gone I shall continue with the crocheting and see if I can get the second blanket finished, more or less.  Also I didn't make the sourdough crackers so maybe I will have time today.  That would be nice, if I did.

Food today:
B:  poached egg on sourdough toast (sourdough bread toasts beautifully!), apple
L:  toasties with coleslaw and crisps - just like the pubs do it!  Fruit yogurt
D:  there will probably be some topping left over (I do like a pizza loaded with veg) so I will boil up some spaghetti, mix in the vegetables and top it with some not-Parmesan.  Natural yogurt with maple syrup.

Another no-meat day - great!


  1. Miss 21 just messaged me from down under, asking would I make this special Maori bread for her. Sounds like sourdough, but it has potato in it?? I told her, she San make it for me! Cold here too.

  2. Interesting. Does she have the recipe?
    J x

  3. I make two sourdough loaves at a time normally, cut them in half, and freeze one and a half in ziplock bags -- it works fine. You could slice them and freeze slices, then you can just pull a couple out for toast or sandwiches. I'm so impressed with yours -- it took me ages to refine my recipe to work properly with soft French flour.

  4. My halo has slipped. Today's was an absolute disaster!
    J x