Monday, 22 February 2016


Hello, gentle readers.  So sorry for being late buy time ran away from me this morning.  My own fault for starting something knowing that it would take time and that I was going swimming.
Cute, isn't it?  Thank you, Google.
Yesterday was, as usual, fun.  After the usual morning stuff I set to and prepared things for pizza for lunch.  I used a recipe for the dough that just involves SR flour and yogurt and it worked really well although it was a last minute thing so I just got all the toppings ready - tomato sauce, onion, yellow pepper, mushroom, sun dried tomato and sweet corn with mozzarella on top.  It was delicious.  I did make the garlic pizza too - the same base with garlic butter and grated cheese.  As a sop to health I also served carrot and celery batons and some lettuce.

After lunch and clearing up, Beth and I set to and started making the Tonk sock cats that have been ordered.  There's no pressure but obviously we don't want to keep a customer waiting too long.

In the evening I got the crochet blanket thingy finished but there are a few ends that I missed that need sewing in.  Never mind, it's a great way to use up old yarn so I have started another on, much more random and not complete rounds before changing the colour.

On to today -  what took the time this morning was the crumpets.  I decided that I wasn't going to be beaten by a few crumpet rings sticking so I took my time, heating the rings up properly and didn't fiddle with them until the top had properly set and it did the trick.  Each crumpet slid easily out of the ring looking smug!  And then I had to rush off . . .

Now I have a bit of time to myself and then this afternoon I am popping into another school to help out with a quiz which should be great fun.

Today's menu:
B  yogurt and pineapple, apple
L:  crumpet, poached egg, bacon
D:  a leftovers curry, fruit yogurt

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