Tuesday, 16 February 2016


 . . . and here I am back at home after a lovely weekend away being thoroughly spoilt and loved by my Mum and Dad.  I love it there, very much, and I also love coming home again.  I'm so lucky!

It was flippin' cold yesterday morning when Mum and I went into town to do some window shopping.  Mum and I love window shopping but Dad hates it with an absolute passion so we left him at home, much to his relief - and ours.

First of all we looked in the local day centre charity shop and you know what, if I was trying to set up home on a limited budget, I'd be more than happy to get stuff from there.  There was a full set of china, beautifully retro, square plates, really nice, for a ridiculously small amount.  It was lacking small bowls but had tea and coffee pots, two jugs, sugar bowl, egg cups, gravy dish, butter dish - oh, so much.
We spent a long time browsing around and I reckon I'll be going back for another look at some point.

Then we moved on to Wilkos which we went in even though we have a Wilkinsons here at home too and I am glad we did because they had some small terracotta pots for 50p each.  No, not for the garden, I though I would try them to make flowerpot bread.  Fingers crossed.  I love flowerpot bread, such a quirky shape.
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Then on to David's Bookshop where I spent the grand sum of £3 something or other on four second hand books.  The first was a 'Lives of the Kings and Queens of England, large, heavy, colour plates on every page and really interesting.  Then I saw a couple of books that took me back to my teenage years.  Catherine Gaskin's 'Sara Dane' which I was thinking about only last week, and 'Jump for Joy', an autobiography by Pat Smythe (supposedly but probably ghost written).  People of a certain age will remember Pat as one of the best show jumpers in the world.  These two books were the spitting image of the ones I read as a teenager so, of course, I had to buy them.  Then, lo and behold, there are the sequel to the Smythe which I have not read so I had to get that too.  I was horse crazy as a child!

As I said to Mum, it's half term and I need some holiday reading.  Believe me, I could have spent a lot more.

That was it as far as spending was concerned, you will be glad to read, apart from a very good coffee each which warmed us up, inside and out.

It was a good, trouble free journey home too.

Today I have a few cooking plans afoot and some housework to do.  After some talk with someone on Facebook, I have started off a sour dough starter again in the hopes that this time it will be more successful.  This friend has simplified the whole process very much for me so I am hoping.  I also want to use one of the flower pots and make a loaf.

As well as that, I'm going to have a go at making barley flour and using it.  I have no idea whatsoever if it will work but let's give it a go and see.  You never know!

And finally, I have some holiday reading!!!

Today's food:
B:  barley pancakes with yogurt, pineapple and a drizzle of maple syrup
L:  probably soup, once I have seen what needs using up in the fridge
D:  I want to have a go at making barley pasta which I will have with some chicken and a tomato/veg sauce.  I think I shall have to mix it with other flour because of the gluten but I reckon it is worth a try!

Coffee is calling!  Have a great day and stay as warm as you can.