Friday, 21 February 2020


Good morning!

Everything went according to plan yesterday.  In the morning I went to Morrisons and was glad I was wearing my new hat as I met L. there, who seemed really pleased that I was using it.

It was nice to see Beth and catrch up on this, that and the other.

Today, I'm feeling a bit rough so have cancelled the things I had on and will stay home and feel sorry for myself.  I'm sure it will settle, it's just One Of Those Things.

Have a lovely day, whatever your plans.  xx


  1. Hope whatever it is soon passes and you feel better soon. A quiet day at home sounds like the perfect remedy xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon. A stay at home day sounds like the perfect cure xxx

  3. Hope you had a nice quiet day and feel better for it xx

  4. Sorry to hear you are "under the weather". Have a good rest.

  5. Thanks, everyone. Happily, I'm feeling much better again this morning.