Saturday, 22 September 2012

Good news - another happy post!

You probably won't remember, but when we (DD, DG and I) came home from Streele Farm this year, it was the first time we left not knowing whether we would be able to go back the next year.  This was because there are big plans afoot regarding renovation of the farmhouse which means that the family will need to use the Barn to live in for a while.  Very sad, we were, and wondering what could possibly replace Streele Farm for a gentle, stress free, relaxing holiday.  We thought Center Parcs might be fun but, well, not the same.  Not gentle, for a start.

When I got home yesterday, I opened my mailbox as always and there was an email from Jacqui, the owner of the farm, letting me know that the Barn would be available over July and August if we wanted to book.

Yes, I have responded!!!!!   And let DD know.

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