Wednesday, 19 September 2012


You can really tell I'm back at school.  Early to bed last night means early to rise this morning with no chance of another snooze because by the time I am tired enough it will be time to  wake up!  Never mind - by this evening I will have absolutely no trouble getting to sleep whatsoever!

For a lovely sunny day, yesterday was bloomin' chilly!  Playground duty am and pm meant that I had the joy of appreciating the cold blasts of wind that kept swooping around the school field and made me wish I had put tights on.  Brrrrr.  It feels chilly now too, but not enough to wish the heating on.  I like getting both done on the same day rather than spreading it out over more days.  OK, I have a couple more afternoon duties each week but that's OK, it is infants only.

As I have some time right now and feel strangely disinclined to get on with school stuff, I think I will pootle out to the shed and sort out a few more ancient food packs.  As I said a few days ago, it is an absolute disgrace, letting my freezer get into such a mess, and I intend to keep a much, much  tighter control on things from now on!  (famous last words!!!)

Off I go.  I may be gone some time  :0)

Edit:  Just come back in because I remembered something.  Do you remember I was bemoaning (oh, OK, whinging - bemoaning sounds better) the fact that the Streele farm blackberries were late and there were none to pick?  Yesterday K came up to me with two empty jam jars and lids to return to me and a punnet crammed full of blackberries, asking 'could you use these?'.  They are now simmering on my hob to make puree before jamming.  What reminded me is that I thought I had used all my berries up from last year but I've just found another bagful in the freezer which will be fine for preserving.  So that is probably the Christmas thank yous to my lovely parent helpers sorted.  I wonder what spice would go with blackberries in jam . . . any ideas, gentle readers? 

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