Tuesday, 25 September 2012


As the early morning promised, Monday was a bit of a stinker, weather-wise, although the sun did come out early evening, incredibly!  Wet playtimes lead to restless children (and irritated teachers) so I was glad that mine had swimming to get them moving and keep them active.  It's still cold: indeed, when I went to the freezer to get today's gastronomic stuff, there was a real chill in the air and, looking up, the most radiantly starry night sky I have seen for a long time.  And then the security light clicked on!!

The camera did arrive - just as well, given the exorbitant amount I had paid for a speedy delivery.  First impressions are good.  It feels comfortable in the hand and the controls, though small, are easy to manipulate.  It seems to have a very wide range of functions including a touch sensitive screen which has already caught me out a few times.  I'd post a photo using the panoramic function but it is of my decidedly less-than-tidy downstairs so no way is that ever going public!  I'll try to remember to take one of the school grounds and see how that comes out.
The only thing with which I am not satisfied so far is the wrist strap.  For complete safety I like one that you can tighten around the wrist and my first digi camera, a Sony, had such a strap.  When I got the latest school camera I transferred the strap to that and, of course, forgot to take it off when the camera was sent off for repair, darn it!  With such a strap, even if I fumble and lose grip, the camera still won't fall and I don't really feel that comfortable without it, so heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to Amazon I go! (again)  Something similar to the Nintendo control wrist straps would be ideal - in fact I think that's what I will go for.

Today will be interesting.  I am doing two lesson observations.  I hate being observed with all my heart, but I quite like observing.  I learn such a lot from my colleagues that I can take on board for my own classroom practice.  Today should be no exception!  Writing up the reports afterwards is not so much fun but there you go!  Can't have it all.

Apologies to those of a sensitive disposition but I am fascinated by the markings on this autumnal spider.  This was taken with the Sony, once I had worked out how to get the focus right.  There's still plenty of photo-frogs to each prince, but I'm getting there, slowly.

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