Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday morning

What a cold, gloomy, miserable day it was yesterday!  Rain, rain, rain with some strong wind occasionally, just to liven things up a little bit.  I turned the heating on in the afternoon because DD was so cold.  I'd just finished moving things around in the shed when it started, luckily for me, or all the stuff would have got a soaking.  Now I can actually get to the upright freezer easily again. 

You should see the inside of said freezer - clean, sparkling and frost free!  Now I have to do an orderly and recorded transfer of stuff from the chest freezer to the upright, which shouldn't take long.  And then I must manage things a lot better!

I made the chicken balti and it's all ready to go into the freezer in single or titchpot portions.  In the end I decided to freeze the remaining chicken in single uncut portions and I cut up the beef and that also got bagged into single portions.  They're now in the freezer.  These special offers can be remarkable useful if you catch them just right.

The other exciting news (exciting for me anyway) is that the camera will arrive today.  Hardly unexpected, seeing as I paid over the odds for a speedy delivery, but I'm excited all the same.  A new toy to play with.  Yay!  If it arrives in the morning I can do a quick battery charge-up and try it out on the children p.m.

Today will be ordinary (I hope).  School, not wet playtimes (although I don't hold out much hope as it's still raining now), violins and swimming (no, proper swimming, not puddle swimming and no, not me, the children).  Days like today tend to pass very quickly.

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