Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday morning

It's certainly warmed up considerably in the last few days.  I woke from a most peculiar dream very hot under my quilt (only 4 tog) and have now opened the bedroom window to air the house.  It's lovely to get some fresh air in without worrying about all the precious heat being wasted again, and a brisk breeze is certainly helping the airing process along.

It was a very odd dream indeed, starting with a school trip where I got on the wrong coach at the wrong time to come home, leaving my class behind with four parents in charge, realised after about ten minutes and got off to walk back.  At this point I was somewhere in a city, got lost, somehow ending up at the top of a block of flats from whence I was pushed down the fire escape in a wheelchair, screeching my head off the whole way (I do have a terrible head for heights at the best of times) - and so it went on.  I don't think I ever found my class and by the end it didn't matter, but you know how crazy dreams can get . . .

When I woke it was stupidly early so I came down (as I do), made a coffee, put the ingredients for a white loaf into the breadmaker, did some PC stuff and then went back up.  I intended to have some more sleep but instead wandered into the small bedroom and started sorting some more books out.  Some (many) have to be thrown out as they are in a disgraceful state and only fit for recycling, but there are some that I can post on Facebook Ree-cycle or take down to the local charity shop.  I have so many cookery books and craft/cross stitch books and, being utterly realistic, I know I shall never use many them again (if I ever really did).  It would be better for someone else to have the benefit of them and for me to have the space.
Equally, I have a pile of records.  LP records, dating back to the 60s and very early 70s when I was building up my collection of classical (with a small 'c') music.  Some are scratched terribly, some are warped and some - well, when I say they were already second, third or fourth hand when I bought them from David's Bookshop in Letchworth, you can see that they truly are not worth keeping, most of them.  I have no means of playing them and anyway the sound quality would be absolutely dreadful!  It's time they went but, oh, it's going to be emotionally difficult.

Fortunately I shall have a break at lunchtime.  J and I are going out to the Hare for lunch and a good natter.  I'm looking forward to that very much indeed - and it means I will HAVE to tidy up my car boot in order to get J's wheelchair in.  That has to be a very good thing indeed!

Another photo from my drive over to Letchworth last Saturday.

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