Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday morning

It's still extremely cold outside.  Colder than yesterday, I think.  Coming back into the living room after peeking out of the front door was a positive pleasure, it felt so warm and cosy.  I'm thinking of those without efficient heating systems right now, whatever the reason.

Today, of course, is Friday so my SEN day.  I have assessments today and need to set up some dates for meetings.  I think also some observations are on the list and helping with gym trail, not to mention putting in an order for resources.  I'm also collecting in entries and money for the next lot of violin exams and today is the last day, so I suspect that there will be a last minute flood of entries for that too.  It's all go today!

Sadly, I didn't get my decluttering done yesterday, unless you count a few more bits and bobs into the bin from the bedside drawer (I don't).  I note from Flylady that today is the day to declutter your 'purse' (I guess that means handbag here) and car.  Well, I can do my bag but I'm avoiding the mess in the car.  I have special glasses that filter out all the mess so it becomes invisible, you see!!!  And anyway, it is just too cold!

Better go and do the necessary in the kitchen . . .

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