Saturday, 8 October 2011


And here we are at another weekend.  Time is flying along, it's nearly half term now with just two weeks to go.  After some poor nights recently, I'm now sleeping like a log, going to sleep stupidly early and hardly waking all night long.  Last night I must have had nearly ten hours of wonderful sleep and I do feel so much better for it.  The cold has finally packed up its bags and left for pastures new as well, which has helped considerably.

Yesterday I had my own performance management which went fine.  My targets are achievable with one that is intriguing.  The review of the old targets was fine.  It was a great relief.

It was a funny, muddled old day too.  Because of complicated reasons which I won't go into here, first it wasn't SEN day, then it was SEN morning, but I did precious little SEN work for one reason or another.  It was nice to get back into class in the afternoon and just potter along with the children (finishing off, Golden Time and Show and Tell, punctuated by a rain splattered playtime).

The weekend is busy.  Busy, busy, busy  It's consultation evenings on Monday and Wednesday . . . better start working then.  have a good weekend.

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