Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday morning

. . . and the real start to the half term break.  Yes, I woke early, but not outrageously early (for me, that is), I went back to bed after a whole and had a bit more sleep and woke just after seven.  Now that's what I call a lie in!!

On Saturday, George (blessings be upon him) dismantled the tomatoes, feeding the compost heap and the green bin with the remains.  When I go out into the back garden now, I miss them.  I've become accustomed to that splash of greenery by the door and it looks terrible bare and bleak now in comparison.  The cosmos are still flowering for all they are worth though, still producing buds galore, still looking attractive (providing the dead heads are removed) and the geraniums are a vivid splash of colour.  The French lavender also is still sending out flowers as are the primroses.  Nice but very odd. 

Better get going.  I need another coffee and then there's things to do!

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