Thursday, 20 October 2011


Oh, my, it's cold out there.  There's a frost so I am mighty glad I took the tomatoes in last weekend.  Thank you, DD for encouraging me to do so.  I think it is going to have to be tights and winter shoes today and I thank my lucky stars I don't take outside games (it's my coordinator time then).  As ever, cold mornings make me extremely thankful for my warm house and the wherewithal to keep it so.  I gather there's snow about in the North, which is rather early, even there.

Yesterday was another really pleasant day (if somewhat chilly).  J and I had our PPA and managed not only to sort out the literacy/theme planning for the first week back after half term but also the maths for the second week back.  I do like it when we can get ahead!  We had a good look at Letters and Sounds and this new year 1 phonics test too.  A very helpful session all round.  And then, in the ICT suite, the littlies switched on, logged on, got earphones and jack and connected them up, found their program (Talking Topics) and generally showed a lot of independence.  At times in the ICT suite I wish I could split myself up into ten different people, I'm rushing hither and thither all the time, but yesterday was calm and orderly.  Lovely!  Not needing to print anything did help, of course!

And, joy of joys, my Wednesday beginners recorder club had actually been practising their B, A and Gs and managed to produce a much more tuneful sound!  What more could an aging teacher ask for?

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