Sunday, 9 October 2011


Here I am, just about ready for parents evenings, just three reports left to write now.  No problem!!  To celebrate, I have made a batch of apple and orange jam with added grand marnier.  It tastes pretty good, though I say it myself.  A pint and a half of apple puree (unsweetened, cooking apples) the juice of five oranges, the finely grated zest of two, a bit of water and some jam sugar.  When it had reached setting point I stirred in the grand marnier.

You may remember I made plum jam with mulled wine a couple of weeks ago.  There had been just a little bit that wouldn't fit in a jar so I put it in a ramekin, covered it and left it in the fridge.  Today I had it on toast for breakfast and, oh, my word, it tasted wonderful.  If I see any late plums in the shop I shall make some more.

And just to complete the preserving trio, I have some tomatoes skinned and chopped and ready to make apple and tomato chutney, but that will have to wait for tomorrow or Tuesday, so in the fridge they will go to keep.

I'm running out of nice jars now, so I must take a virtual trip to the Jam Jar shop to see what they have.  Can't run out of jars and the ones from Lakeland are very expensive.   It's all go around here.

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