Friday, 7 October 2011


I've missed two days of blog.  TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!  Most unlike me, isn't it?  My excuse is that there's so much to do and little time to do it, mixed with extreme tiredness.  It's been a heavy week and next week will also be heavy, but after that there's one more week and then it is half term.

In between other stuff I have been trying to get things ready for the Christmas (sorry) show.  This year we're doing 'The Sleepy Shepherd' from those wonderful Out of the Ark people who seem to understand just what is needed for a show involving four year olds.  After Snowman and Sunset and Ooops-a-Daisy Angel, I am hoping this one will be as crowd pleasing.

It's been a right week for weather too, hasn't it.  Monday was baking hot again, Tuesday (playground duty day) was cooler and very windy and today (having peeked out) is chilly, so chilly that the heating has clicked on.  The tomatoes certainly appreciated the warmer weather and I have quite a bowlful now.  I'm hoping there will be enough for a batch of chutney - I love red tomato chutney and it seems a better use for them than tomato soup.  Failing that, I will make some lovely rich sauce for pasta, etc.  It freezes well and tastes wonderful.

I may be tired but I'm sleeping well.  Last night bedtime was just after seven (incredible, I know, but may as well fall asleep in bed rather than at the computer, which is what happened the night before) and I woke at half four this morning.  That's a lorra sleep!  One more day before the weekend, that's all.

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