Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday morning (after the night before)

And what a super evening it was.  Six of us with good food, a few games, plenty of liquid refreshment and laughter galore, enough to make my sides ache.  I managed to stay up and awake until half past ten, which is a miracle for me, and I didn't wake this morning until seven.  It was a shock to find it getting light - that doesn't happen much these days.  Many thanks, Ruth and everyone, for a great evening.

The cheese and sesame biscuits I baked for the buffet were a great hit so thanks are also due to Veejay.  They all got eaten so I will have to think again today.  Looking at my fruit bowl, I guess it has to be banana muffins for the meeting tomorrow (and for tea today), as I have some pretty soft bananas that need eating up.  I will have a good ponder about the barter food.  Decisions, decisions!

My goodness, it was chilly again this morning.  I'm sure there was just a smidgen of frost along the edges of the shed roof when I looked out earlier, although it has gone now.  The tomatoes are OK but I do have to decide when to cut the remaining fruits and bring them in to ripen (or not).  I was hoping for more outside ripening but . . . well the first heavy frost cannot be too far away now, can it?

Yesterday I did a count of all the jars of jams and chutneys I have for gifts.  They made a brave show, all lined up.  I also had a look at my much reduced collection of jars, decided I am unlikely to get many of the used ones back again, found a 'sale' email in my mailbox from the Jamjar Company (which I can thoroughly recommend) and placed an order!  I also found a company that sells all sorts of paper carrier bags - I've been wondering about how to pack the jars as presents for friends, parent helpers, etc - so bought some of them too.  I can doll them up with glittery stuff to make them festive! 

Better go and start thinking kitchen stuff . . . just look at the time - nine thirty!!!

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