Thursday, 26 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It was a bit of a mixed up day yesterday, weather-wise.  Lovely sunshine in the morning but by the afternoon clouds had rolled over and we got several short and sharp showers breaking the sunshine.  True April showers, I guess.

Two friends came round.  Each time I was asleep!  Oh, dear.  One of them came back in the afternoon and we had a nice chat.  She bought a little bag of fruit with her for a laugh and I will certainly enjoy eating the contents.  What a lovely idea.

Two lots of flowers also arrived so the house is looking bright and lovely at the moment.  I've been spoilt, I really have.

Everything is quite manageable with basic tablets taken regularly.  I'll carry on with them today and then, tomorrow, I will see how long I can go between doses.  I went all night without any which I was pleased about.  The main 'problem' is the shoulder pain which is referred pain from my liver (they tell me).  The rest is just windy aches now and again!

The skirt arrived and it's lovely although, as I suspected, a maxi on short me, not a midi.  It is far too nice to turn up though and has that hippy-ish air I like so much.  It'll look nice with either a white or navy T shirt.  Very pleased.

Inevitably, the weight is yo-yoing at the moment.  I suppose I shouldn't weigh right now and I'm certainly not recording the results as I know it will all settle again.  It is lovely no to have to worry about no protein at breakfast or no carbs at lunch at lunch !  I am stewing some of last year's rhubarb for breakfast as a celebration!
(it should also help the old bowels to get started again)

So all's well really.  And the sun is shining.  Lovely!


Rachelradiostar said...

Morning! It will do you good to enjoy a varied diet whilst you recuperate x you know you can always get back on plan in a few weeks x the referred pain is so bizarre isn't it!!

Joy said...

It's very odd but they did warn me it was a definite, not an if. I think I'd rather have it there than deep inside, to be honest!
I'm not too far off plan really but I thought more fruit will get things moving again. Fingers crossed!
Have a good day!
J x

Sooze said...

Morning Joy, yes we had an odd day weather wise here too. Bright sunshine at the mo. How strange about the referred pain, I didn't even know it was a thing! After husband had his angiogram/stent procedure a couple of weeks ago, he had a lot of bruises. He'd been warned about large ones on his arm (well, both arms - the one where he had the procedure, and the other where he had a cannula and bloods taken), but he also had 2 or 3 other big on his torso, another couple on his thighs, oddly (perhaps they knelt on him, haha!). Enjoy your rhubarb.

Joy said...

How strange. I just have a little pinprick mark where the cannula was and the four little cuts that are covered at the moment and don't seem to be bruising at all. Maybe it needs time to come out or maybe I just got lucky!
I hope his bruises are fading rapidly now.
Apparently the referred pain thing is a useful diagnostic thing in all sorts of instances.
J x

Eileen T said...

Lovely to hear that you're on the road to recovery. Just don't try to run before you can walk! Referred pain is an odd, but very real thing isn't it. I had it once when I couldn't use my hands because of the pain but it turned out the actual injury was to my shoulders, which weren't pauinful at all!

Joy said...

It's very strange, I agree, most odd. And thank you!
J x

Diane said...

Glad things are going according to plan. Referred pain is quite unpleasant but it will pass and soon I hope at least you have been spared open surgery which has a much longer recovery time. Its a good time to sit and enjoy the spring weather from the windows.

Joy said...

Yes, I've been very lucky really, in lots of ways. While I can't say I'm feeling 100%, I'm really not that far off. It's great!
J x

galant said...

It does take a while for the effects of the general anaesthetic to wear off, Joy, so no wonder you were asleep! Take things easy, I'd switch off the doorbell, close the curtains and have a good rest, to allow your body to recover. Even though you were in and out of hospital quickly, you have had an organ removed. A few years ago this would've been major surgery, so take it easy, girl. No digging on your allotment, ha ha!
All good wishes,
Margaret P

Joy said...

:-) Darn it, I was hoping to dig the potato trenches tomorrow.

Not really!
J x

Softie said...

I am very happy to hear you are doing so well! Rest and recover it will be worth it in the end. Your skirt outfit sounds lovely. Great menu ideas. Way to stay sensible about the weight fluctuations. You are so right that if you stay the course it will stabilize again.

Joy said...

Thanks, Softie. It has been all worth it - I think I was getting a bit bogged down with it all really. Much better now.
J x