Monday, 30 April 2018


Morning, everyone.  Brrr, it was cold yesterday and it's cold now too, so cold that the heating has clicked on.  I have on my warm towelling dressing gown and slippers and I can still feel it.  It's also windy and rainy and, in fact, absolutely disgusting for the last day in April.  It has to warm up properly soon, right?

Firstly, for Sue:  here's the jam recipe you mentioned.  I hope you like it.

As predicted, yesterday was a lazy day, a gentle day, a get-on-with-your-cross stitch day.  It was also a day when the aches came back somewhat so I was glad to take things easy and go with the flow.  There's always one day, isn't there?  A reminder, if one were needed, that I am listening to.  I'm fine now, don't worry, but maybe I needed another poke apart from the ones some of you are giving me!

I had a little mooch around the Approved Foods site.  I don't use the place much as most of the 'bargains' are unhealthy, fatty, sugary, processed stuff which doesn't appeal at all but today I got lucky and they had bags of Hovis granary flour.  I love that flour and use it half and half to make a delicious loaf but it's virtually disappeared from the shops now, for some reason, and I had used my last bagful.  I ordered loads of bags and will keep them in the freezer which works well.  I also got a few more bits and pieces, like chicken stock powder which I use quite a lot, but the flour was the main part of the order.

I'm on the beetroot juice now.  I'm not sure whether I like it or not and certainly I don't look forward to it with unmitigated pleasure, but I will plug away at it and we shall see.  It can't hurt anyway.  Also I'm going to get down to the gym today to join.  I NEED to get that done and then started as soon as I am able. 
So - exercise, low sodium, healthy diet, losing more weight, lots of veg, beetroot juice and meds from the GP.  Can't do more!  Unless you know better, of course.  :-)

I've decided, after yesterday, that I'll leave tuition another week before restarting.  You never know and it's less than a week so that seems the right thing to do. 

So - today I will pop to the gym, I have some washing to do and I ought to change my sheets as well, I want to Google for some more nice, low fat and healthy recipes.  I have to sort out that bedding I mentioned before and it's a nice, gentle task so it's on the list.  For the rest of the time I will continue to indulge myself by sitting and resting and making lists - at the moment it is 'what to take to Center Parcs!).
Sounds a nice day, doesn't it?


Beachcomber said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to find the jam recipe. It sounds delicious.
I make one which is basically rhubarb, orange and walnuts; an old one from my grandmother.
Do be careful not to lift anything too heavy when you are sorting your bedding and changing your sheets!

Joy said...

Good point and I will be careful, thanks. Your jam sounds good too and I have walnuts. Could I ask you to let me have it, please - I'd be grateful.
J x

Sue in Suffolk said...

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when we were extremely short of pennies, I had rhubarb so made rhubarb jam on its own.......Not Good! Sludge is the perfect description.
Yours sounds much better

Diane said...

Yes take care with the bedding I pranged a shoulder doing mine. I now take extra care as it was quite painful for a while, lesson learned. I'm not surprised you had a bit of an off day yesterday it is totally expected it is like when you first exercise you think you are fine until two days later you cant move.

Joy said...

Suffolk Sue - no, it doesn't have a great texture, I agree, but actually it tastes rather good if you can get round thet texture.

Diane - ouch, that sounds sore. I'll be careful, thanks for the warning.

J x

galant said...

You are doing all the things you can to keep healthy, Joy. I should follow your example but with osteo arthritis, exercise is really painful. People tell me it would get better, but I've had this since I was in my 20s and I know that once I stop anything and sit down even for 19 minutes I seize up. It's the nature of the beast. Indeed, having been a professional arthtiris sufferer (ha ha!) for almost 50 years, I'd say that exercise makes this particular kind of arthritis worse, but what do I know, I'm not a doctor. The best I can do is just keep mobile and walk when I get the opportunity.
By the way, I do like your new header photograph!
Margaret P

galant said...

I meant sit down for 10 minutes - no idea where the 19 came from!
Margaret P

Joy said...

I do! You hit the 9 instead of the 0. I do it all the time!
You could be right about exercise making it worse. It might be worth reading up or asking your GP but after all this time, you know your body best.
The photo is some flowers my brother sent me after the op. They are still beautiful.
J x