Monday, 9 April 2018


Good morning.  It's not raining outside right now but it's been a damp night, by the looks of things, and yesterday was dire and dismal.  It was cold too - or maybe that was just me.  I went shivery in the afternoon, my hands and nose were very cold and I ended up turning the heating on to warm up which is not what I expect in the middle of April.

So much for big plans for getting to the allotment 'when the rain stops' yesterday.  Ha, flipping ha!

I met various commitments that I won't bore you with and I did some sewing and some reading, tidied the kitchen, planned my meals for the coming week and had an afternoon sleep before watching telly all evening - the Painting programme, Countryfile and Generation Game - which I'm not sure about.  It makes me laugh but . . . maybe I have inflated memories of the old version and/or maybe I have matured somewhat since then!  Or just maybe no-one can really replace Brucie who was at the height of his 'power' at that time.

Today, weather permitting, I'd like to do what I had planned to do yesterday down the lotty (except for mowing the grass which will be too wet again) plus a bit more and I have just one tuition session this week for which I need to plan.  I also have a financial bod coming round this evening and son (Dave) and I will be talking about - well - financial stuff, surprisingly enough!
There will be some washing after the weekend and will I get it dried outside?  We will see.

Why does it feel like a Bank Holiday today?  Oh - I've just realised.  It's the middle of the school holiday and at this time of the year it has ALWAYS been Bank Holiday Monday.  I bet that's why!

Whatever the weather and holiday or not, have a satisfying and fulfilling day, whatever you are doing.


Annabeth said...

I think we've just outgrown the Generation Game, nothing wrong with the presenters and the contestants but the format is just old hat and not funny anymore.

Joy said...

That could very well be it, yes. I chuckled but I remember finding it hysterically funny at times and it certainly isn't that now.
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

Back to school for me today! I always feel a bit cheated when Bank Holidays are in the middle of school holidays because we would get them anyway!!!

Joy said...

When bank holidays fall outside of a holiday, then it's taken off the holiday entitlement. It's still the same number of days over the year so no loss really, it just feels like it. Four day weeks are lovely!
J x

galant said...

I also watched the Painting Challenge. While I admire anyone brave enough to go on such a prog and have their work scrutinized by the viewers as well as the experts, my goodness, if these were the best of all those who applied ... but perhaps the 'best' weren't chosen, but the most interesting 'characters', perhaps with a 'back story' ... elderly gentleman, black woman, gay man, visually impaired man ... well, who knows how and why they were chosen? But they are an interesting group and I enjoyed watching their efforts. Some of the paintings of dogs made me laugh, but I know I couldn't have painted a dog either! Wish we could've seen more of Westonbirt Arboretum, which is a wonderful place, but overall a lovely gentle prog for early evening. Now, don't forget Joy, the new afternoon prog by Dick and Angel Strawbridge is on today at 4 pm ... helping others repair their chateaux!
I didn't watch anything else yesterday except golf ... the final day at Augusta and I watched from 7 pm until it ended around midnight! It was so good! I'm not a sports-loving person, but this is one of the contests I just love to watch, and the course at Augusta is so beautiful, credit must be paid to the staff who keep is to pristine with all those marvellous floral displays of azaleas.
Take care you don't sign your financial life away this evening. Don't do anything hastily, girl. Well, that's my bit of advice, ha ha.
Margaret P

Joy said...

I rather feel exactly the same, Margaret, regarding natural talent but I was thinking that they were looking for people who could share what is often called a 'journey'! I haven't been impressed with most of the outcomes so far and, sad of me, the one I liked best yesterday was the one by the lady who was eliminated. I would have liked that up on my wall (without the thumb prints along the side). She could have done a 'four seasons' version. Observational, it wasn't, however!
Must look up that programme - what channel is it on, please?
LOL - I promise I won't. It's more regarding inheritance and making the best of my incomes, etc, no strings attached sort of stuff.
J x

Eileen T said...

I've been watching the painting challenge as well and like you, I haven't been too impressed with their efforts. I'm sure that in the last series there were a few very talented painters right from the start. I'll keep watching it but I'm not rooting for any particular artist yet.

Joy said...

Nor am I really - none of their styles really impact that much yet.
J x

galant said...

The prog about the Chateau is on Channel 4, Joy. And it's on every day at 4 pm. I enjoyed today's prog/
Mrgaret P

Joy said...

I missed it but I can catch it on whatever they call their iPlayer.
J x