Thursday, 19 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Thanks for the nice comments about the allotment yesterday.  I thought I'd dig out an old photo from a year ago to compare.

This is when we started on it last year.

And here's the day before yesterday, taken from the other side.   About half of that strip has now been done as well The polytunnels are not ours.

As we keep on telling each other, we'll get there.

I'm having a day off from allotment duties today as I am having my blood pressure monitored for 12 hours and I really don't want to dig while attached to medical stuff, however small it is.  There's plenty to get on with around here including a stack of ironing and more washing, preparing the guest room, and the ever-present planning (not a lot of that though).  I also want to make a vegetable and bean 'mixture' for the freezer to sit alongside the other stuff I have made recently so that post op I don't have to do all that much cooking.

After making the rhubarb cordial the other day (lovely stuff), I found a recipe for orange and lemon cordial which is remarkably similar to the one I used to make when Beth and Dave were tiny, both in ingredients and in method.  Then it was called St Clements squash.  Anyway, I shall make some but I don't have any citric acid so have had to order some for Amazon and I'm going to have to wait until it arrives.

I have some rhubarb to cook, some bread to make and, generally, I will happily potter around my home all day.  No complaints here.  And all the time, every ten minutes, I will have to stop and relax while the machine checks and records my blood pressure!  Yippety-doo!


Sooze said...

Good idea not to do any digging whilst having your BP monitored....might produce some eyebrow-raising results otherwise! Enjoy your pottering day.

Joy said...

I'd like to give it a go and see their faces but as this is quite important, I'd better not! :-)

Beachcomber said...

The transformation at your allotment in a year is amazing.
You have sorted it out really well for this year's season. I'm sure the neighbouring “diggers” are delighted to see your patch so we’ll tended.
Have you made any acquaintances there?
At least your monitor is getting you another step nearer to the operation and once through it you'll have the whole summer to enjoy!

Diane said...

Nothing quite like a pottering day

Eileen T said...

It's unrecognisable from the 'before' photo ... you have have both worked so hard on it. Well done.

It'll be worth the effort re the food, to make sure you have suitable meals available when you are recovering from your op. I need to get back to batch cooking for the freezer, just so that I start eating more healthily again.

Joy said...

Thanks, everyone, we#re quite pleased with how it's going. There's always something else to do on an allotment though, isn't there.

Eileen - batch cooking really does work extremely well providing one has the freezer space. I'd find it hard if I didn't and if I were still teaching, it would be very hard indeed.

Sue - we're getting to know some of the other allotmenteers; one nice chap called Dave always comes over for a chat.

Diane - it's very relaxing and I am enjoying the day despite this alien thing that keeps squeezing my arm every half hour.
J x

galant said...

The transformation of your allotment is amazing, and shows the hard work you have put in. Oh, and I love your new header photo! But really, dear girl, you should change the description, you are not a very ordinary person! You are an extra-ordinary person, working hard still, helping others.
Margaret P

Joy said...

Thanks, Margaret < blush >. I was very chuffed with how that photo turned out - really close ups can go very wrong very easily (and mine usually do!)
J x

galant said...

Hello, Joy. It's now Friday morning and I've been up since 4.45 am, so I am up before the larks again ... just having a cup of tea and wondering whether I've beaten you at being an early riser this morning, ha ha. Hope you are feeling OK and not aching too much after all the allotment activity. How long now before your surgery? How wonderful it will for you be to have the offending gall bladder removed.
Margaret P

Joy said...

You are way ahead of me this morning! I slept until after five which was nice!
The aches seem to have subsided now, thank goodness. The surgery is on Tuesday but I don't have a time yet. It'll be good to get it all sorted - or as sorted as possible.
J x