Monday, 23 April 2018

Monday update

He didn't ask; I didn't say. He had a list of questions but none about BP. All the other results are good-plus - I'm a healthy, active person - he said!  So it's all on. Three cheers!!!  

(I reckon if it had been important, he would have asked.)


Eileen T said...

Great news. Hope it all goes well tomorrow xx

Sooze said...

Brilliant news Joy!

Jules said...

Great news. I hope everything goes well. X

galant said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, Joy. Very best wishes from me in Torbay.
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant, Joy - well done you! It is a credit to your healthy lifestyle!
Will be thinking of you tomorrow - great that you can get this over and done with now!
Take the greatest care!