Saturday, 21 April 2018

Saturday - and an apology

Oh dear, oh dear, I was in a bad mood yesterday morning.  Apologies for the very abrupt reply to a number of lovely comments.  I was quite upset and was throwing a bit of a wobbly!  :-)

The reason is that the twelve hour blood pressure monitor results were not wonderful which was, in itself, a disappointment, but the nurse at the surgery hinted that it might be enough to stop the operation on Tuesday.  I won't say what it was but it was higher than it ought to be.  So I came home and very childishly sulked!

I don't know what else to do really - I've taken the meds faithfully and I've lost loads of weight.  I don't have a lot of salt in my diet and, as you know, portions are small and balanced.  I have an appt with my GP but not until 10th May, the first date they could find!

I may be troubling trouble, of course.  The op may go ahead but I won't know that until I 'meet the anaesthetist' on Monday afternoon.  Ho hum.

I have to be reasonable - if it's not safe to operate, then it is better not to have the op.  I will have more time HAVING to eat carefully and sensibly.  The liver shrinking regime seems to have minimised the discomfort most of the time so, although it can ache, it isn't a fully blown gallstone pain (thankfully), so it could be a lot worse.

I will Google about how to lower blood pressure and see if there are any sensible strategies out there that I can put into place - I need to do that anyway, regardless of what happens or doesn't happen next week.

Thanks for listening, folks.  Back to normal tomorrow!


Sooze said...

I'm really sorry to hear that, Joy, how upsetting and frustrating for you. I too have high BP and some while ago a friend told me that beetroot juice is good for lowering BP (You can buy it in cartons in the supermarket, where all the other longlife juices's not cheap, though). Well, I tried it for a few weeks, a glass a day, and - guess what - it does work, my BP dropped quite a bit. I don't know whether it would have been enough for me to come off my medication, as I have to say that after a few weeks I couldn't stomach the juice anymore - I didn't like it much anyway, it has a very strong and earthy taste. For me (and being a bit of a wimp) the taste of something I really didn't like, every day, outweighed the advantages. You might be different, though!

Joy said...

I'm not sure it would fit into the diet, to be honest. I've been Googling but there's not a lot more I can do really except for exercise (yuck). Mind you, it does say swimming and I love that!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to read about this, Joy, seems very unfair considering your weightloss and how careful you are with your medication. It is more than understandable that you are upset about this, it really is.
Here is hoping that the anaesthetist will still give the go-ahead and you can get the whole thing behind you - fingers so very crossed!
Here's hoping!!
Do take the greatest care! Thinking of you!
S. xxxx

Joy said...

Thanks, Sonja. I'm much more cheerful about it now than I was yesterday. What will be, will be!
J x

Diane said...

Joy blood pressure is extremely volatile and if you were in a bit of mood that would be enough to put it up. Let us hope the anaesthetist is a bit flexible and doesn't make a meal of it. I read the comments no need to apologise.

Joy said...

Thanks, Diane. I'm rather hoping that myself so fingers crossed, eh?
J x

Anonymous said...

Diane is right, Joy - I think they call it 'white coat syndrome'...however calm one feels one is feeling, it is a stressful situation and the blood pressure rises accordingly.
So glad you are feeling more cheerful about it today - good for you. :)
Hope you have, and are able to enjoy, the lovely sunshine!
S. xxx

Joy said...

Thing is, this was a 12 hour check, taken every half an hour, and I was at home for most of it. So I don't think it was totally that although knowing it was being checked made me feel a bit tense.
J x

Beachcomber said...

Maybe you could have a spinal block instead of a general anaesthetic if your readings were too high for a general.
However it happens I do hope you reach Wednesday having been “done”!
You have no need to apologise. Your blog would be meaningless if you were pouring saintly thoughts out all the time and very boring!!
Perhaps have a quiet few days until your op.
Sit in the garden with a book or your cross stitch while the sun is shining.

Sharon Koole said...

What a disappointment! It sounds like you've worked really hard so I can understand how upsetting it must be.

Joy said...

Well, that would be good, Sue, you never know, do you? You have echoes my own thoughts in a way. I will do lotty work tomorrow afternoon but I was going again Monday morning but now I won't. I will relax and practise deep breathing relaxation stuff. It can't hurt!
Fingers crossed.
Sharon, I may be unduly pessimistic here and now I've settled down, I can see plusses as well. I will know by teatime on Monday anyway!

Thanks, everyone.
J x

Heloise said...

Big hug, Joy. I'm sorry you've had this added worry. For what it's worth, my Mum's bp was high before surgery recently and the anaesthetist checked her on the day scheduled for the operation and decided that she was good to go. Hopefully, it will be similar for you.

Something to make you smile: For some reason, I had TV news on silent with subtitles running. Sky News transcribed "anaesthesiology" as "aniseed theology."

Joy said...

Oh, I love that, Heloise - Subtitles can be so funny sometimes.
Thanks for the encouraging comment. I will keep my fingers crossed and do the deep breathing at regular intervals. Apart from that, it is in the lap of the gods.
Mind you, I am being SO GOOD with the LS diet right now - I'm laughing at my halo!!
J x

galant said...

Take heart, girl. If the surgeon could perform emergency surgery on me for my gall bladder (which had - so I was told, hundreds of tiny gall stones and was also gangrenous, small wonder I was sick all the time and in dreadful pain) then you will be fine for surgery next week. You have done all you can, lost weight, etc, and you can do no more. Now, just rest and relax, dear woman, all will be well. Worry will send your BP up, and having a monitor on all that time is enough to send up your BP, too, I would think!
Now, do as I say (OK, I'm a bossy boots!) Rest and relax, deep breathing, be kind to yourself, pamper yourself, all will be well.
Margaret P

Joy said...

LOL - all very true, Margaret, and I am so sorry you had such a dreadful experience. No wonder they operated.
I'm fine, it's all talked out and am focusing on relaxing and staying calm. Thank you for your wise words.
J x