Thursday, 6 August 2015


A very good morning to you all.  I hope you're all sleeping sweetly because it is stupidly early and I am sure that in a while I will be too.  It has been quite a while since I woke quite so early but after tossing and turning for what seemed like hours I decided to get up and do something, knowing that the tiredness will return.  At least I don't have to worry about staying awake at work.

It was a funny old day, weather wise, yesterday.  What I call a nothing day.  Not sunny, not wet, not hot, not cold.  Just - well, dull, bland and boring all day.  There was some rain in the later evening but I'm not sure how much.  Hopefully it's been enough to give the soil a good soaking.

I got going good and quick yesterday morning, making some bread and the greengage jam, which set easily.  I didn't make a lot, just two little pots, one for me and one for Beth, but I will keep my eyes open for more greengages to make more.  I made three little granary loaves but one got used during the day (Beth was here) and the other two she took home with her to feed the teenager over the weekend!  I've really taken to the half and half granary loaf: it is truly delicious and I shall post the recipe on t'other blog.  Morrisons has Granary flour on special so I have stocked up as it's not cheap usually.

When Beth got here we set to and worked hard on our projects.  It went better today - or rather, we started seeing some tangible outcomes.  Sometimes you can work and work and nothing seems to have been achieved and then, suddenly, it all comes together!  We start again next Tuesday so that's five days when I can potter around doing my own bits and pieces, which is nice.

What was also nice is that we spent the last half hour having a good tidy up.  I appreciated this as the place had got into a right mess - why does creativity always create mess as well?  We decided that this is what we need to do every time we work together so that it never gets on top of us.  I have to say, it is nice to have a dining table to eat off again!

While we were working indoors, the painter was working outside.  The fencing is now almost finished with just the side gate to paint.  I wish I could say the same about the front but, dear me, sometimes things take a while to get sorted, don't they?

And then, finally, in the evening I heard some fantastic news.  I can't say what because it's not my news to tell, but it cheered me up no end!  And to cap it all, it was Bake Off on the telly!

So the weather may have been 'nothing' but the day certainly wasn't!

Today I have to make more bread, for me this time.  There's more clearing and tidying to do and I am thankful that it is bin collection day because the bin is full at the moment.  I also want to do more sewing and also some knitting and there's the usual houseworky things.  It should be a full day!

Today's food:
Breakfast:  Toast and jams, yogurt, fruit
Lunch:  boiled eggs and toasty soldiers, fruit
Dinner:  Chicken portion baked in a honey, lemon and mustard sauce with a salad and maybe some oven chips.  I keep planning oven chips but haven't actually cooked any yet!

I can feel the sleepiness returning now so maybe I will try to get back to sleep soon.  I don't mind being up in the dark in the winter but not in the summer!   Are you making or baking anything today?  Have a lovely day, whatever your plans!


Diane said...

Hope you managed to get back to sleep Joy

Joy said...

I did, thanks, Diane. I think today will be a snoozy day anyway as I have no major commitments outside the home.
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

It was like that here on Wednesday. My bedroom is getting tidier each day! Yesterday I knitted in the sunshine! I love knitting sunshine into tiny little baby clothes! It makes me feel good!

Rachelradiostar said...

Ps - Nast site again on this blog - but it doesn't happen on the recipe blog x

Joy said...

I love knitting little baby things - they are so cute and so quick to make. What are you making.
Sorry, Rachel - I have contacted Google but have no idea if they will do anything. I really don't want to have to start again with a new blog. :-( Is it possible for you to block that address?
Thanks for letting me know.
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

Don't worry about it! I just delete the window before it opens! But oddly it only happens once - the first time I comment. I'm knitting a matinee jacket for a relative's first baby.