Monday, 17 August 2015


Good morning, gentle readers and brrrrr, because it feels chilly outside.  The sun is shining though so fingers crossed for a beautiful day!

The tomato plants are now a delightful speckledy blue and, one hopes, blight-protected.  However, to my dismay, when I looked to find Bordeaux mixture for info for someone else, it seems it is no longer made.  Dismay!  So I emailed my resident expert, aka Dad, who emailed some expert help line thingy that he belongs to, to find out what can be used instead.

While 'chatting' on Facebook in an allotment group, someone mentioned that there was an item on the invention of Bordeaux mixture in Edwardian Farm, which I missed. It's on iPlayer so I watched it and yes, it appears that it was invented by a grape farmer (living in Bordeaux) who wanted to spray his grapes alongside the road to make them taste bad so that they would stop picking and eating them as they walked past.  It worked but at the end of the season he realised that they were the only grapes that did not suffer from a vine disease.  And so the mixture was discovered.
You couldn't do that nowadays!!!

That's about it for yesterday, I think.  I knitted, did a bit of housework, a bit of gardening . . . just a quiet, peaceful day.

Today Beth is round so I guess it will be harder work, but still very enjoyable.  Should be good!

Breakfast:  toast and jam
Lunch:  Corned beef (or egg) salad, fruit
Dinner:  Chicken kiev, salad

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