Saturday, 8 August 2015


Good morning, welcome to Saturday.  It's not so sunny right now which probably means that later the sun will shine merrily and it will be a gorgeous day.  We can't really complain about yesterday though - it was sunny on and off, not too hot, not cool, a very pleasant summer day.

Yesterday passed very pleasantly.  Lunch and dinner were absolutely delicious although the house and I both reeked of garlic and we might still be fairly fragrant, in fact!  You can't tell with garlic.  I made the apricot jam and got a good set so I think I can say it was second time lucky.  I pootled a bit in the garden, weeding, tidying up and generally getting the old hands a bit mucky without having to make too much effort.  The tomato plants are now upright again and several tomatoes are getting the message and starting to ripen at long last.  Should be picking next week, I reckon, fingers crossed!

I then sorted out more of the cupboard and discovered a whole lot of old recorder stuff.
In the Good Old Days when I had time, I taught recorder to some of the children at school - properly taught, I mean, to exam standard as well as having several clubs at different levels.  What I found was all the copies of the examiners comments and gradings and, boastful as it might sounds, I obviously didn't do a bad job at all.  Some of my pupils got to grade 5 (for primary pupils, that's pretty good) and more than 50% of the marks totals were distinction level.  I'd forgotten that.  I shall be all nostalgic and keep it all because it's quite special and I doubt I will ever do anything quite like that again.

In the afternoon I got out fabric, thread and all the necessaries and made myself a peg bag.  It didn't take too long and it's just what I wanted so I'm pleased.  We will forget the pinkness of the fabric, OK?  Today I have washing so it will be used!

Today I was going to pop to the market yet again as we have run out of white polycotton.  Then I want to go to Wyvale because I didn't get there yesterday.  However, yesterday evening I did something really stupid!  You may remember that last week I had an ouch toe.  Well, I had put all the lights out and drawn the curtains and was making my way in darkness to the front door to put the chain on when I banged my toes hard on some furniture.  Ouch, ouch, ouch!  Of course, the toe I banged hardest was the one I damaged last week and now it's very sore again.  The trouble is, I do like to go around bare footed whenever I can, a throw back to my teenage years, and I guess that's asking for bangs and knocks.
So I am all of a hobble again and won't be going anywhere in particular until it all calms down.  So sorry, Beth.  Maybe we/I/you can go next week at some point?

I have plenty to do, mind you.  Yesterday I had some good news from a friend so it was out with the knitting needles, into the yarn cupboard and I've started making a little something!  That'll keep me out of trouble.  There's also bread to make, washing, drying and ironing to do, a bedroom to tidy (isn't there always?) and a cupboard to carry on sorting.

But for now it's breakfast and then bath and get dressed.  Have a great day, everyone.

Breakfast:  toast and jam, fruit, yogurt
Lunch:  turkey salad, fruit or yogurt
Dinner:  when I got some chicken breasts from Chapman's last week, I bought supremes and he cut off the bone bit there and then.  I have four of them that do have a fair bit of meat on them so I think I will roast them in a honey and mustard sauce.  I think a salad and oven fries will go well with them.  Then fruit or yogurt.


Diane said...

Poor toe - you would think you would know where all the furniture is but it is inclined to jump out and bite you when you least expect it. My personal favourite is walking into door frames or catching sleeves on door handles.

Joy said...

Door handles are a right pain, I agree. You'd think we would learn but we don't - I don't anyway! I have slippers on now which should make a difference (I hope)
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

I write this comment barefoot. I'm always barefoot. My poor toe got a bruising on an underbed box last night. Much swearing was done! It's looking gorgeous again here. Can't wait to see your knitting! I'm up to the armpits on mine!!

Joy said...

Ouch! I truly feel for you! It hurts out of all proportion to the size of the afflicted toe, doesn't it?
Barefoot is best but at the moment I'm wearing slippers, just because . . . not as nice but I feel safer! :-)
J x

Chrissie said...

Poor you! How is the toe now?
I'm way too clumsy to go barefoot, I'd end up permanently damaged if I risked it.

Joy said...

Feeling a lot better, thanks. A bit swollen and 'coloured' but nowhere near as painful now. I might even get to Wyvale tomorrow! :-)
J x

sweffling said...

Joy said...

Hi, Sweffling. Thanks for leaving your comment. I seem to have deleted it by mistake and can't see how to get it back. I'm really sorry and just want to reassure you that there was no problem with it. I'm just an old fumble fingers with my new laptop.
J x